In Abkhazia, they decided to lure tourists with huge discounts on hotels

In Abkhazia, they decided to lure tourists with huge discounts on hotels

Abkhazian hotels have been sending Russian tour operators a large number of special offers over the past two weeks. Discounts reach up to 25%. However, according to tour operators, we are talking about a short time period – until about the end of June, and not about all hotels. Popular boarding houses do not experience problems with loading, and for July-August, on certain dates of arrivals, they even stand at “stops”. This situation was described by tour operators to ATOR experts. The reason was the underload due to unusually cold weather and the general situation, at least the high season will naturally correct the weather.

Most of the tour operators offering Abkhazia are Intourist, Multitour, ALEAN and FUN&SUN, stated that Abkhazian hotels currently offer links up to 10-15%, and sometimes up to 25%. But we are talking about arrivals from the second half of May to mid-June, some hotels offer discounts until the end of June.

In figures and prices, it looks like this: you can now book a weekly package tour with a flight (flight Moscow – Sochi) from FUN & SUN to the Olimp Hotel in Pitsunda from June 1 from 20 thousand rubles. per person based on double occupancy without meals. A tour with full board and a flight will cost from 25 thousand rubles per person.

At the same time, as representatives of Intourist added, discounts on accommodation are provided by objects of the middle and economy segment or inexpensive boarding houses. , – commented in Intourist.

Secondly, tour operators add, there are no special offers in the resorts of Abkhazia with a developed tourist infrastructure, such as Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos. Hotels in Sukhum, Tsandripsha, Gudauta fill up worse and there are more special offers.

But this is not for long – experts also add. In the high summer season, hotels in Abkhazia will not complain about underloading. On the contrary: as the experts of the Dolphin tour operator noted, there are no free rooms in the traditionally demanded objects for June. Intourist also confirmed this, stating that until the end of the season it is difficult to get free rooms at the Alex Beach Resort and Spa, AV Sokol, Amra Park Hotel.

, you should not wait – tour operators warn. They will last a maximum of June 20.

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