In a country popular with tourists, they came up with a new type of fines for travelers

A new type of fines for travelers has been invented in a country popular with tourists

one original version. In the small town of Portofino, tourists can be fined … for delaying taking a selfie while visiting this famous resort.

Moreover, the fine is rather big – according to Italian media, it will amount to 275 euros. The measure has already gone into effect over the Easter holidays and is now being enforced in two prominent areas of the popular Italian fishing village. These are marked as red zones or “no traffic jams on selfies” zones. “Tourists who stop to take pictures are causing anarchic chaos, including constant traffic jams and congested sidewalks,” Portofino Mayor Matteo Viacava justified the imposition of the fine.

In Portofino, a small town located on the Italian Riviera, to southeast of Genoa, home to just over 500 people, but during the tourist season, thousands of people come here to admire the colorful houses and the picturesque harbour. As a result, the hashtag with the mention of the place collects numerous posts on social networks, and the locals get the “costs”.

“We want to avoid dangerous situations caused by crowds and overcrowding,” the local authorities add. They also clarified that the fine was introduced during the Easter weekend and applied every day until 6:00 pm. Moreover, the rules will be in effect until October 15, when the peak tourist season ends.

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