I’m speaking at icelolly.com’s #BlogAtTheBeach Blogger Event – The Travel Hack

I’m speaking at icelolly.com’s #BlogAtTheBeach Blogger Event - The Travel Hack


I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at a travel blogger event in Leeds next month.

The event will be hosted by icelolly.com, the UK’s leading holiday price comparison site. They’re holding #BlogAtTheBeach so they can get to know bloggers who they think could potentially be ambassadors for the brand.

It will be taking place on August 1st in Leeds and will have a pop-up beach theme. I don’t know about you but I’ve never associated Leeds with beaches, holidays and cocktails before 😉

There will be three speakers during the day:

The first speaker will be Robb Frost from WMG (Web Marketing Group).

The second speaker will be me. I’m going to be talking about working with brands and how you can do it in a way that fits with your own blogging brand. It’s basically about working with brands without selling out.

The third speaker will be Greg Brand from Travizeo. Greg will be speaking about making videos on a budget. I’m really looking forward to Greg’s talk because I’d love to get better at making videos without spending a fortune on equipment. I’ve met Greg a few times before and not only is he a great videographer but he’s also full of great advice.

After all the speaking and a panel discussion, we’ll be heading out into Leeds for ‘networking’. This will be the good kind of networking that involves cocktails and lots of talk about travel and holidays and lazy days on the beach.

#BlogAtTheBeach is invite only and the lovelies at icelolly.com will be inviting select bloggers soon. There are limited places and Leeds is a long old way for a lot of you so I’ll be blogging about the event to fill you in on all the juicy details. Watch this space and follow the hashtag #BlogAtTheBeach on August 1st.

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