I’m scared to tell you these three things – The Travel Hack

These 3 Things Are Scary to Tell - Travel Hacks

It’s Vlogmas day again, and although it’s a little out of order, today’s prompt is: These are the three things he is afraid to tell.

And just like when something scares me, I jump right in…

(I literally do this. When I was scuba diving at night in Australia once, I had to do night dives to get my advanced scuba diving certification. (The boat was surrounded by sharks and everyone else was hovering in the back.) “I was scared, but I knew I had to get in and get it done if I was going to qualify. It was awful – Scuba is not recommended (Go into the dark!)

These 3 Things Are Scary to Tell - Travel Hacks

Anyway, here we go….

I love being a blogger so much it scares me

Do you know why it scares me? Because if this all goes to shit and I have to go out and get a “proper job” again, I’ll probably fall apart. I can’t even imagine going back to working 40 hour weeks with limited annual leave and substandard pay.

It’s really scary when I think about it.

This job and amazing career seem to come out of nowhere and I’m afraid it will disappear the moment it happens.

I am serious about continuing to produce quality content in order to diversify my income, develop my skills, and stay in the business as long as possible.

I’d love to spend a year just travelling in the UK

I have long dreamed of spending a whole year traveling around England. I want to spend 12 months searching for the best hotels and quirky glamping sites. I love climbing mountains, exploring cities, and showing off beautiful coastlines. And I want to do it all in the comfort of my own car so I can take the whole family without stress.

The reason I’m scared to say this is not because it’s a weird dream. The reason I’m scared is because I haven’t done it yet. Simply because I can’t afford it and no one will pay me.

I make a living by traveling the world, not by staying at home.

It’s still something I’d like to do someday, but today just isn’t the day.

I have an identity crisis approximately twice a month

Before I start this story, I have to say a huge thank you to Elle Croft. Because she is the person I turn to once or twice a month when I have an identity crisis.

It looks like this:

What am I doing with my life?

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I still enjoying this? Should I do something else? Should we do something more meaningful? am i a good person? Can I make more money doing this? Do you want to make more money? Yes, I would like to make more money. No, you don’t need money to be happy. Money can’t buy happiness. Should I run away and live in the mountains? I miss London, should I go back? I love my children very much, but do you think I should have more children? Hmm, I couldn’t handle more children . Ah, but I love babies. Can I be a travel blogger with three kids? Should I be a family blogger? If I were a lifestyle blogger, would more people be interested? I want to be more environmentally friendly. But shopping is really fun. Do I still enjoy traveling? Is it really possible to combine hobbies and work?

And Elle will patiently listen to my ramblings and give me insightful words of wisdom until I can feel like myself again!

This will help you feel more organized, more focused, inspired, and motivated to get on with your life. And then a few weeks later, you’ll see someone doing something amazing and you’ll think, “Wow, that’s amazing. For myself, I said, “This looks like fun, I want to do it, but can I do it?” And it all starts from the beginning!

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