I’m going to Mexico for the weekend – The Travel Hack

Going to Mexico for the weekend - Travel Hacks

Yes, you read that right. I’m planning to go to Mexico this weekend!

I know, that sounds crazy, right? In fact, I think this might be the craziest trip I’ve ever taken.

I will fly directly to Cancun on a private jet on Friday afternoon (tomorrow). I’m sorry, can I say it again? Private jet! Thanks to the time difference, arriving in Cancun in the early afternoon will allow you to be in time for the big beach party, followed by another big party on Saturday. Then I’ll take a Sunday flight home and be in time for work Monday morning.

Looks like I’m going to need a few strong cups of coffee to get me through the day!

For those who don’t know, I work for Flight Center, one of the largest travel agency groups in the world. Every year, we hold the Global Gathering, which brings together top performers from around the world across all 30 brands. The Global Gathering destination is different every year, but this year it’s Cancun, Mexico!

Last year, a global gathering was held in Singapore. Fat Boy Slim was the headline DJ, followed by Scissor Sisters. The conference also has featured speakers including Michael J. Fox and Richard Branson. We don’t know who it will be this year as it will be a surprise when we get there, but check out this video to get a taste of how amazing it will be!

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