I moved to Nizhny, and it was a mistake: 6 reasons why living here is not very good

I moved to Nizhny, and it was a mistake: 6 reasons why living here is not very good

Nizhny Novgorod, or, as the locals sometimes call it, NiNo, is often considered as one of the options for moving to permanent residence: there are plenty of enterprises, which means there are plenty of jobs, houses are being built, for leisure there is everything that the soul desires – from the ancient Kremlin to modern malls. True, Nizhny has enough shortcomings too, and quite weighty ones. Fresh news, useful articles and open­ven­reviews of tourists about trips -almost without censorship.

1. Ecology

Nizhny Novgorod is a large industrial center: there are more than 200 large and small plants, ranging from machine and instrument-making to light industry enterprises. On the one hand, good: jobs and development. On the other hand, the environment is bad. The city regularly records the excess of the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in the air, and several times.

The abundance of cars, unauthorized landfills, the Igumnovskiy solid waste landfill 15 km from Nizhny — all this exacerbates the ecological situation in the city.

Swimming in the rivers within the Nizhny is simply dangerous for health. At the same time, few trees are planted, but they are willingly cut down for new buildings. /f550x700/be/bb/bebb4lzxf9s8880ccg040k48c.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

I moved to Nizhny, and it was a mistake: 6 reasons why living here is not very good

wikipedia.org, Yuri Lebedev

2. Broken roads and sidewalks

Locals grimly joke that in spring they have to open the season of punctured wheels and broken suspensions. The reason is the state of city roads, where pits filled to the brim with water are too frequent guests, and in the not very prosperous Sormovskiy district, and in the more prestigious Nizhny Novgorod and Soviet. The administration is trying to deal with the problem with the help of patching. But next to the patched potholes, new ones quickly appear. The sidewalks also look sad, especially against the backdrop of well-maintained embankments and the main pedestrian street Bolshaya Pokrovskaya. Tiles are laid randomly in places (goodbye, heels), ramps are not everywhere.

3. Housing quality

Nizhny is a city of numerous enterprises that appeared here at the beginning of the era of building communism. For their workers, two-story barracks were hastily erected, which were supposed to be settled soon. But they stand where they have stood for almost 100 years – and they look accordingly. In total, there are almost 2,000 such huts in Nizhny Novgorod. And they are dispersed very slowly. The contingent there is appropriate: in the evenings, it is better not to appear next to these architectural masterpieces, during the day it is also unpleasant there. And in general, there is enough dilapidated “secondary” in the city.

4. Real estate prices

But housing prices here are among the highest in the country: Nizhny is regularly among the top ten places with the most expensive real estate in Russia. No, of course, here you can find apartments for 27,000 rubles per “square”, but they are in those very emergency two-story buildings that have been going to be demolished for decades. For a normal odnushka area of ​​36 square meters. m in the Nizhny Novgorod region they ask for 3.5 million rubles, for a kopeck piece – 5.5 million. And this despite the fact that salaries in the city are average.

I moved to Nizhny, and it was a mistake: 6 reasons why living here is not very good

5. Invasions of tourists

From May to October, the population of the already rather big Nizhny Novgorod seems to double or even triple due to the arrival of tourist groups from all over Russia. If you want to go out like this on a summer day or in the evening to take a walk around the sights – here the group is standing and the guide is saying something loudly, there the monument is stuck on all sides of the family, there are no places in the restaurant – everything is busy with guests of the city. Because of this, you yourself feel like a guest in the Lower, and not particularly welcome.

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6. All the delights of a metropolis

The sixth most populated city in Russia suffers from all the same “symptoms” as the rest of the country's millionaires. Insufficient number of parking lots, huge traffic jams in the morning and evening (they are complicated by the fact that part of the roads passes through bridges that you cannot bypass), long queues for kindergartens, large parallel classes in schools and a shortage of teachers, an unfavorable situation in the sleeping areas in the “lower part » The bottom one is what catches the eye the most. Huge high-rise buildings, which are erected practically on treeless wastelands, do not paint the city. And the quality of tap water leaves much to be desired.

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