I decided to take a swing at the Maldives: a review of a tourist with a backpack

I decided to take a swing at the Maldives: review tourists with a backpack

“Hey! My name is Olga and I have a life-long diagnosis of “an awl in the ass”. I am 26 years old, single, have no children, no pets, no apartment or mortgage. I do not stand a career, I work most often remotely or take part-time jobs. I save up for a trip and go wherever my eyes look. I am not campaigning for such a lifestyle, to each his own, but I am an experienced traveler and I hope I will tell you what travel agents and bloggers will not tell, ”a reader of Tonkosti.ru.1/1< ul class="neo-gallery__list">

This time I decided to take a swing at the Maldives

The route was difficult. First, I had to fly to Astana to open a bank card. I myself am from Chelyabinsk, I got to Kazakhstan by railway along the route Chelyabinsk – Petropavlovsk – Astana. Ticket price – 2180 rubles. An excellent route, most importantly, economical. Even if you take it with air tickets from Moscow, it is 3 times cheaper than a direct flight to Astana. Many familiar Muscovites were surprised that this was possible. It seems that many have forgotten how to build complex routes during the pandemic, everyone needs tours, otherwise, God forbid, something goes wrong.

I spent a long time guarding the flight to Male, bought direct Aeroflot flights for 53 thousand round trip, without luggage. Why do I need a lot of clothes in the Maldives?

A little bit about Male

Noisy, dirty capital of the Republic of Maldives. The whole island can be circumnavigated in 2 hours. Many cafes, shops, a couple of beaches (Muslim). Prices for lunch are about 5 USD, housing in Male costs space money, even the most stunted hostels. Everything is cheaper on the islands. You can get from the airport by bus or boat, but in general it is only 3 km: if you are without hand luggage, then you can walk.1/1

From Male to Maafushi can be reached by ferry for 30–35 USD. The only negative of Maafushi is the water world, which is very poor by the standards of the Maldives. If you want to dive and go crazy from the beauties, but you are not at a resort with your own reef, you will have to take an excursion. Such an excursion costs a little, and without underwater beauties, the impressions of a paradise will be incomplete: it is worth going. There is also such entertainment as swimming with sharks. Of course, large ferocious individuals are not allowed near tourists, but theoretically they can bite: I heard stories of tourists in a bar, so I didn’t risk it.

The currency of the Maldives is the Rufiyaa. 15 rufiyaas is 1 USD. Everywhere it is more convenient to pay in dollars or by card, but you can buy rufiyaas purely for souvenirs, they are very beautiful and bright. I didn’t see an exchanger in Maafushi, only at the Male airport. 3n/w1/3nw1ltovnrcwcw4kg0swkogw8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

I decided to take a swing at the Maldives: review backpackers


Budget food

Budget food is bananas and coconuts, they grow everywhere and everywhere. A huge bunch of bananas – 1 USD, one coconut (peeled and chopped) the same amount. Other fruits and especially vegetables are expensive. Supermarkets are expensive, but cafe prices are great. 4 USD for a hearty lunch. All cafes add VAT and tips, which is plus 10-15% to the check.

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I liked the Maldives

There are very open people, amazing nature, a really high level of security. And I can’t imagine how you can sit here all your vacation on one island, when there are so many interesting things on local islands?

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