Hurghada wants to develop following the example of Venice

Local authorities do not want to stop there

Hurghada wants to develop like Venice

Hurghada wants to develop like Venice

The authorities of the Egyptian resort city of Hurghada presented a plan for its development for the next 30 years

Hurghada is a major city in coast of the Red Sea, the capital of the Egyptian province (governorate) of the Red Sea. The city has long been famous as a center of attraction for tourists; up to 5 million guests come here every year. But the local authorities do not want to stop there.

It was decided to create a high-speed metro in the city and develop a railway connection. In particular, it is planned to build a railway to Hurghada from Cairo (about 400 km). In addition, the city wants to equip berths for yachts and helipads in each of the hotels.

Also in the plans: an amusement park, a safari zone, an opera house, a congress center, a university. Another idea is the creation of bulk island resorts, like in Venice, in a large lagoon of the Red Sea.

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