How to get a perfect tan for the whole year in Turkey: the secret of getting rid of white skin is revealed

How to get a perfect tan for the whole year in Turkey: the secret of getting rid of white skin is revealed

Lifehacks for a perfect tan, including even unexpected aspects – such as proper nutrition and bath procedures, a blogger, a traveler who periodically lives in Turkey, told tourists on her channel in Yandex.Zen. She assures that even with a “northern” appearance, i.e. blond hair and skin, you can “not suffer from sunburn and go tanned all year round.”

So, a number of tricks that the blogger advises are the following:

  1. Trick number 1 – bath procedures, namely peeling with a mitten in a hamam (a special Turkish bath). The blogger recalls that tourists in hotels are often offered a traditional spa program: foam massage and whole body peeling with a special mitt and massage. “The Turks promise “velvet” skin to tourists and advise them to visit the hammam on the first days of their vacation so that the tan goes on evenly and better. I didn’t believe in it until I tried it myself, ”says the blogger and assures that now, upon returning to Turkey, the first thing she does is go to a spa program in a hammam. She also advises tourists to buy a hammam glove as a souvenir. “If you can't go to a spa, you can have a Turkish peel in your bathroom,” she writes.
  2. The second trick is the right sun protection and the selection of funds. “If I haven’t sunbathed for 2-3 months, then I use a product with SPF 50 for about a week. And then I gradually reduce the level of protection to SPF 30. But I always protect the most vulnerable places (face, décolleté, wrists), ”writes the blogger< /li>
  3. Time in the sun is the main thing: do not go out, and even more so do not sunbathe during the hours of the greatest solar activity. And on the beach, dip as often as possible so that “the body does not overheat.”
  4. Aftercare: after tanning, the blogger advises using a special product that restores the skin barrier and moisturizes well.

< p>The expert called food a separate trick. According to her, the Turks in the heat choose special, “summer” food and drinks. It turns out something like this list:

  • ayran – a sour-milk drink with a cooling effect;
  • ayran ashi – a Turkish soup based on ayran, yogurt and mint;
  • lemonade – a drink made from mineral water, fresh lemons, ice and sugar syrup;
  • salty snacks (Turks believe that in the heat you need to eat more salt to prevent dehydration, so they advise you to lean on them) – olives, white cheese, cucumbers;
  • greens and vegetables, berries and fruits – everything is seasonal, local, fresh (watermelon is especially recommended);
  • black tea (and hot).
  • < /ul>

    “If the Turks eat “heavy” dishes like lamb kebab in the heat, they will definitely compensate for this with ayran and an impressive portion of salad. I advise you to try it – it helps!”, – added the blogger.

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