How to be ‘present’ in the 21st century: The £30 solution that will help beat your phone addiction – The Travel Hack

How to live 'now' in the 21st century: A £30 solution to help you overcome your mobile phone addiction - The Travel Hack

Do you want to know how to live in the 21st century? How to stop checking your phone every minute. How can I avoid constantly scrolling through photos, videos, tweets, and updates? Someone constantly looking down, taking photos, or interrupting the chat to show photos, memes, videos, and tweets? How can I have a conversation with a group of friends without having to do it?

Today, I’d like to share with you the secret to staying present.

Please put your cell phone away!

I got it. Thank you good bye.

How to live 'now' in the 21st century: A £30 solution to help you overcome your mobile phone addiction - The Travel Hack

just kidding. I was going to leave it at that. Because we all know it’s that simple. Put your phone away and stop checking it. Viola, you’re there! Don’t be distracted, don’t just bury your head in your phone, and actually enjoy what you’re doing, participate in conversations, and look at your surroundings. You can direct it. You might discover something interesting or meet new people!

But things aren’t that simple. Because this is his 21st century and we are all dependent on our phones and social media, and checking our phones is instinctive.

apparently, the next iPhone iOS 12 update will come with special features to help your phone addiction. This update includes activity reports and a Screen Time feature that lets users know how much time they spend on their phone. This could be interesting/scary!

Many people may be surprised that I don’t actually spend that much time on my phone. As a blogger, I am inundated with messages, notifications, emails, comments, and likes. I love it, but responding to all of this could easily take up an entire day. And sometimes it is. Some days I just reply to messages. Not only that, but we often feel anxious and pressured to be constantly available, on days when we actually have to run errands, or on days when we just want to enjoy time with our friends, family, and friends. We have a lot. I get distracted.

Because of this, I don’t use my phone much anymore. When I go out, I put my cell phone in my bag and only take it out when it rings.

Travel Hack Tip: I also take all my photos with a “proper camera” rather than my phone. I do this because my camera photos always turn out so good, but also because I take photos all the time, and when I take photos with my phone, I always check my phone. It will be!

Today I’m going to show you a real way to reduce screen time and focus. I’m not suggesting you delete all your social media accounts and go back to Telegram to keep in touch with people. This is a real tip that is very helpful to me.

here it is.

Buy yourself a basic Kindle Fire.

I bought two Kindles for my son for Christmas because they’re great for keeping the kids entertained while traveling. At the time it cost just £30. George loves George, but Joseph has barely seen George since Christmas Day. I think this is a combination of him being a little too young and being the type of kid who can’t sit still for more than 0.4 seconds. So I have no interest in watching anything. I adopted Joseph’s Kindle as my own and installed all my social media apps on it. I like it very much.

I use it just like I use my cell phone, just a little bit different. It feels weird to take a really big Kindle out of my bag, so I don’t pull it out and mindlessly scroll through it as often as I do with my phone. It also doesn’t have 4G, so I only use it when I have Wi-Fi at home. I also have to admit that it’s pretty slow compared to my phone. So when I get frustrated waiting for something to load, I know it’s because I don’t really want to see it and I quit right away. Put away your Kindle.

I’m still logged into Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. It’s just that he doesn’t log in 110 billion times a day. I usually use it for 30 minutes every night. Usually after the kids are in bed and I sit down to relax in the evening.

I don’t think social media is bad. I love being able to easily catch up with friends, family, people I respect, and people I want to follow. Social media is great. It’s so easy to get carried away and waste a lot of time scrolling mindlessly. Scroll without thinking or reading. Just scroll to kill time or distract yourself from more important things. Or you scroll because you feel uncomfortable and want to hide behind a screen instead of looking up and facing what’s around you.

So, if you find yourself scrolling too much mindlessly, buy a Kindle Fire and switch from mindless scrolling to conscious screen time and set specific times to use it.

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