Hotels in popular resorts in Spain may remain closed this summer

Hotels in popular resorts in Spain may remain closed this summer

20-day a strike by truck drivers led to a shortage of pool supplies. If hoteliers fail to find alternative ways to supply equipment, a number of Spanish hotels will not be able to obtain the necessary documents to open to tourists.

According to industry experts, the supply of pool skimmers, filters and water treatment chemicals is usually Months go by and many hotel pools cannot be used until the current equipment is replaced.

Joan Puid, President of the Balearic Chemical Industries Union, confirmed: “There are hotels that closed in 2019 due to the pandemic and they are still not working. After so many years of inactivity, water and pool filters are in poor condition and need to be replaced. Only for some filters, the waiting time for an order is six months.

It is already known that a number of hotels planning to open between April 15 and May 15 will be forced to remain closed.

But not only the lack of pool supplies threatens resorts with unplanned “holidays”.

The strike of truck drivers caused a shortage of building materials, which slowed down the planned reconstruction and pre-season renovation of accommodation facilities.

Recall that officially the strike was suspended last Saturday, but in fact only a small part of the freight traffic has resumed in full. And the less time remains before the opening of the season, the stronger the feeling that hotels will have to return money to tourists.

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