Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTO)

Attractions Hong Kong: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

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Hong Kong is both a city in China and a state within a state with its own laws, traditions and customs. This is a place of amazing contrasts, where advanced technologies coexist with centuries-old traditions, skyscrapers, piercing clouds with their peaks, side by side with simple fishermen's houses, and huge shopping centers – with chaotic malls of floating markets. The sights of Hong Kong combine the flavor of oriental culture and the extraordinary contrast between antiquity and modernity. The population density here is fantastically high – about 6.4 thousand people per square kilometer, this explains the special beauty of the city panoramas – the dense jungle of skyscrapers aspire upwards not only in the business center of Hong Kong, but even on its outskirts. And now we will talk about the many attractions of Hong Kong. Here is a list of the most interesting options for what to see in Hong Kong. There are so many of them here that a multi-day trip is not enough to cover all the memorable places.

What to see in Hong Kong in the first place

Planning a trip to a city with a huge number of attractions is always difficult, but there are a couple of secrets that any tourist should know. Firstly, guides in Hong Kong are ready to show most places of interest for a moderate fee, and secondly, for a change, you should combine visiting historical monuments and natural wonders.

1. Victoria Peak (western part of Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

View of The Peak from Victoria Gap Daniel Case

When planning what to visit in Hong Kong, be sure to pay attention to Victoria Peak. This is perhaps the most must-see attraction in Hong Kong for everyone who came here for the first time. This is the highest point on Hong Kong Island, located at an altitude of 0.552 km above sea level. In the 19th century, this peak was even used as a beacon for incoming ships. Today, there are several ways to climb to the top to enjoy superb views.

    One way is by bus. To do this, you should first get to the Central metro station, from where you can get to pier number 5 or number 7, where there will be a bus stop. The bus goes from the pier to the very top, but the travel time will be considerable – from 30 minutes to an hour. The road is winding, but there are interesting views along the way. The most budgetary way, difficult, but at the same time, full of impressions, is climbing the peak on foot. To do this, get to the Central or Hong Kong subway station, walk to the escalator and climb to the very top. Once up, turn left onto Conduit Road, walk to Old Peak Road and walk up it, watching the city views gradually give way to forest ones. The walk will take about half an hour in total. And, of course, the most popular and easiest option is to take the famous Peak Tram funicular, which has been operating since 1888. Its only disadvantage is that there are many people who want to climb, and you will have to stand in a long queue. Direct travel time will be about 7 minutes.

At the top of the mountain there are several observation platforms with stunning views of the bay, green outskirts, and the view of the city with its skyscrapers and colossal infrastructure opens up in full view here. Here, at the height, there are also a lot of restaurants and cafes with breathtaking views from the windows, as well as shops, an exhibition gallery and the Madame Tussauds wax museum.

2. Disneyland in Hong Kong (Lantau Island)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Entrance to Disneyland in Hong Kong

Since 2005, children and adults have been pleased with another relatively new attraction Hong Kong — Disneyland. The most exciting rides and entertainment in the best traditions of Disneyland function here.

The peculiarity of Disneyland in Hong Kong is that it is built according to local traditions and feng shui rules. The park includes several zones of different themes:

    Main Avenue USA; Adventure World; World of the future; Fantasy world.

Despite the fact that the park itself is relatively small in area – 27.4 hectares, the most extreme and exciting rides are concentrated here, something interesting and exciting is at every step, there are a lot of small restaurants, souvenir shops, and every evening a bright show with fireworks. On national holidays, special themed events are held here.

Among the attractions, the following deserve special attention:

    Grizzly Gorge is an attraction that is only available at Hong Kong Disneyland. Here you go on an exciting journey on a trolley through wild natural landscapes and various unexplored tracts of land, and various surprises await you along the way, as well as grizzly bears. The country of toys is the country where the cartoon characters loved by everyone “live”. There are three exciting rides here – a racing car on a 27-meter arc, the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop flying fun and the Slinky Dog Spin zigzag ride. Other attractions include fairy tales, 3D entertainment, alien shows, a railroad ride through the park, a Broadway musical and more.

Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most popular attractions in China.

Official website:https://www.hongkongdisneyland

3. Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue (South of Kowloon)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower

You don't have to choose what to see in Hong Kong if you decide to visit Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue – this street passes by the most popular and important sights of Hong Kong. The avenue originates from the Clock Tower and stretches along the entire cultural center of the city. Each of the sights located along it is worthy of attention. That is why Tsim Sha Tsui attracts so many tourists, especially shopaholics. After all, a real paradise for shopping fans has been created here – a lot of shops, shopping centers, restaurants are located exactly on Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Hong Kong Museum of Art – contains about 16 thousand exhibits that tell about Hong Kong painting, sculpture and art in general. Space Museum – a huge exhibition hall dedicated to space exploration and space discoveries; The Hong Kong Cultural Center is a multi-purpose center that hosts a host of cultural events, exhibitions, festivals and theatrical performances. The Avenue of Stars is a 400-meter long avenue along Victoria Harbor, built in the likeness of the Hollywood original. The main theme of the Avenue of Stars is the history of the development of the film industry in Hong Kong, so the pavement and pedestrian zone are lined with stars, which imprint the handprints of Hong Kong's most popular actors.

In addition, on the territory of Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue there is a huge number of tourist hotels, hotels for different tastes and incomes.

4. Ocean Park (southern part of Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Cable car in Ocean Park

If you are an entertainment lover, then you will certainly find something to visit in Hong Kong. In the southern part of Hong Kong Island there is a huge amusement park that will be interesting for both adults and children. This is the Ocean Park with an area of ​​880 thousand square meters. km, built in 1977 and renovated in 2005. This fantastic park is one of the top most visited attractions in Hong Kong and around the world, it is visited by about 5 million people every year.

The famous park, in addition to the main part – the aquarium, includes a theme park with different animals and an amusement park, where it will be fun not only for children, but also for adults. Now the park consists of 35 different attractions, divided into two zones – the summit and the port, connected by a cable car and funicular.

Here you will find a rich program of entertainment, including:

    trip underwater with sharks and rays; acquaintance with king penguins and other animals of the poles; acquaintance with the world of Australian animals; a trip to the rainforest and acquaintance with its inhabitants; exploration of the underwater world through a huge water screen; visiting a restaurant-aquarium; acquaintance with the rarest animals of Asia – giant and red pandas, Chinese alligators and salamanders.

In general, Ocean Park is focused on supporting the protection of animals in Asia, so part of the proceeds from sold tickets go to support wildlife conservation projects.

Official website: https://www. oceanpark.com.hk/en

Check out the beautiful places in Hong Kong in this wonderful video!

5. Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui East)

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Bronze sculpture of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

Due to the popularity of films shot in Hong Kong, many tourists are already familiar with some of Hong Kong's attractions, such as the Avenue of Stars. This street with a length of only 440 meters is never deserted – it attracts not only tourists, but also Hong Kong residents who come here with their families, because, in addition, the Avenue of Stars is also a good place for photographs.

It is unlikely that there will be such a person who will not find something to see in Hong Kong on the Avenue of Stars, or will be left without impressions from visiting it. After all, the entire Alley is decorated with various figures that were painted by the movie stars themselves, and along it there are figures of various employees of the film industry, with the participation of which the working scenes are depicted here.

The Avenue of Stars also has 101 plaques dedicated to the stars of the film industry, as well as their handprints. Many of the Hong Kong actors are familiar only to Chinese film lovers, but some of them have become famous all over the world – we are talking, first of all, about the world fame of Jackie Chan. The star dedicated to this actor is especially popular on the Alley.

Here you can also see a bronze sculpture of Bruce Lee – there are also more than enough fans here, and everyone wants to touch the figure and take a memorable photo.

< p> There is also a souvenir shop on the territory of the Avenue of Stars, where you can buy a lot of memorabilia – from mugs with the symbols of the alley to figurines of the heroes of your favorite films.

Official website:https://www.hongkong-guides.

6. Big Buddha (Lantau Island)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Big Buddha on a pedestal in lotus shape

On the island of Lantau, on the height of Ngon Phin, the statue of the Big Buddha rises. This landmark of Hong Kong impresses with its huge size – a statue 34 meters high and weighing more than 250 tons rises on a mountain about 500 meters high. Unlike other Buddha sculptures that face south, the Big Buddha faces north, as if blessing the lands stretched out in front of him. The right raised hand of the Buddha is folded in the Abhaya mudra, which contributes to the dissipation of fears, and the left lowered hand is folded into the Kubera mudra, which contributes to the fulfillment of desires. At the base of the figure is an impressive 3-tiered pedestal in the shape of a lotus, which is surrounded by six praying Bodhisattvas with different gifts, personifying the virtues in Buddhism – this is meditation, diligence, mercy, kindness, patience and morality.

Inside the statue of the Big There are halls of the Buddha on all three levels:

The first level is occupied by the Hall of Virtue, the walls of which are decorated with paintings depicting the moments of the earthly life of the Buddha. Here you can also see a huge bell that strikes 108 times a day, symbolizing getting rid of the same number of different problems.

The second level is occupied by the Hall of the Universe (Jarmadhatu), in which you can see the bewitching painting “Faim's Sermon” with listening Bodhisattvas depicted on it.

On the third floor is the Hall of Memory, which houses a particle of the relics of the Buddha. There is a belief that those who see the relics of the Buddha may later see the Buddha himself.

You can get to the statue of the Big Buddha by cable car, which usually has long queues. Therefore, sometimes it will be more expedient to get here by bus from Tung Chung Subway Station.

Official website: http://www.plm.org.hk/eng

Hong Kong attractions: what else to visit while in Hong Kong

Differing in duration and saturation, all tours in Hong Kong have one thing in common – they are incredibly exciting, and this city is completely different day and night. You can easily experience it first hand by making a list of places to visit with our list of attractions.

7. Temple Street Market Night Market (Kowloon)

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTO) )

Temple Street Market Night Market Lights

Even at night, you have something to see in Hong Kong – when the sun disappears over the horizon, the Temple Street Night Market opens. Merchants begin to lay out their goods, shops come to life, fortune tellers begin their work at the far end of the market and bright street performances start.

And even if you do not plan to buy anything, a walk through the night market will bring you an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere here is so unique that the market has repeatedly become a place where the scenes of many famous films unfolded.

Various souvenirs, commemorative trinkets, different types of tea, watches, clothes, electronics, jade figurines, antiques, bags, CDs and much more – all this is carefully considered and becomes the subject of bidding. By the way, the night market is a great place where you can practice your bargaining skills and get a discount. In addition, this is an ideal place for bulk purchases, and the price level here is much lower than in all of Hong Kong, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the small amount spent on an impressive batch of goods. At the same time, food stalls offer a wide range of delicacies at moderate prices, where seafood dishes predominate.

The night market at Temple Street Market is not just a market in the classical sense, so expecting to see several rows of clothes and products here, you will be pleasantly surprised. A lot of outlandish souvenirs, antiques, Asian delicacies will amaze the imagination with their diversity. Tired of walking, you can use the services of a massage therapist, tidy up at the hairdresser, ask the local fortune tellers about the future or attend one of the street shows.

The Night Market is a unique attraction in Hong Kong, which is an example of the festiveness and flavor of Chinese market.

Official website: https://www.hongkong-guides

8. Jumbo floating restaurant (Aberdeen Bay)

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Evening view of the floating three-story restaurant Jumbo

The floating restaurant Jumbo, built back in 1976, has become one of the brightest attractions in Hong Kong. The restaurant, which is a unique architectural creation in the form of two ships in the Chinese style, is located in the Aberdeen area, and if you do not know what a restaurant is, you can really mistake it for a ship.

In general, the Jumbo restaurant includes two restaurants – Jumbo itself, as well as Tai Pak, the halls of which are decorated in the tradition of Chinese palaces, with a lot of intricate decorations. Everything here is truly luxurious – solid and expensive furniture, interior in a rich old style, impeccable service and manners of the staff. In one of the halls of the restaurant there is even an imperial throne, sitting on which you can feel like an all-powerful ruler.

The menu of the restaurant is no less striking in its abundance and scope. Hundreds of presented dishes are so amazing that it is not possible to choose just one. Shark fin soup, lobster salad, turtle soup, steamed perch, drunken shrimp are just a small part of the rich menu. The taste of individual dishes is so specific that despite the high prices, it is unlikely that you will be able to finish some of them. Waiters often like to see the reaction of customers to served dishes.

You can get to the floating restaurant by ferry, which leaves from Aberdeen or Shum Wan piers.

Official site:http://www.jumbo.com.hk/en

9. Wong Tai Sin Temple (Kowloon Peninsula)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Wealth colors and decorations of the Wong Tai Sin Temple building

After getting off at the Wong Tai Sin metro station and following the signs a little, you can see another significant landmark of Hong Kong, especially popular among Confucians and Buddhists, the Wong Tai Sin Temple.

The shrine was founded in honor of the Taoist deity of healing, who was the reincarnation of a real person – the hermit Wong Tai Sin (in the life of Huang Chu Ping), who lived in the 4th century AD. According to the historical description, which is kept in the temple itself, Chu Ping was born and grew up in a very poor family, having experienced poverty from an early age. And at the age of 15, he met a certain saint on the mountain of the Red Pine. Since then, he began to master Taoism and after 40 years returned to that mountain and settled on it.

In 1915, a businessman Leung Renyan, who arrived in Hong Kong, organized a Chinese medicine shop. He also revived the departed faith in Chu Ping by building an altar behind the shop. But in 1918 both his shop and the altar burned down. In 1921, a temple was built, named after the Immortal from the Red Pine Mountain, and only in 1954 it was opened to all visitors.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is built in the best Chinese tradition and richly decorated with fine carvings, yellow bars and red columns. The altars located here are dedicated to Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian deities. The temple complex includes several halls, including the Bronze Pavilion, the Hall of the Three Saints, the Archives Hall, the Confucian Hall, the Yue Xing Temple, the Garden of Desires. In the nearby shops you can buy souvenirs, herbs, incense and religious paraphernalia.

Official website: http://www1.siksikyuen.org.hk

10. Tai O Fishing Village (west of Lantau Island)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Houses on stilts and boats in the fishing village of Tai O

Tai O is often called the “Venice of Hong Kong”, but in fact it is just a traditional fishing village located in the western part of Lantau Island. Most of the buildings here stand on stilts right in the water, and boats are the main mode of transport. Along the coastline of the fishing village, streams of sea and river water merge together. Thanks to this, beautiful mangroves grow on local soils.

Here, as nowhere else, the image and color of ancient Hong Kong has been preserved. In some places, the dwellings of the first inhabitants of Hong Kong, the tanaka, have survived, and the source of income for local residents here is still fishing and selling dried seafood. Thanks to the preserved traditions, Tai O has become a distinctive landmark of Hong Kong, attracting streams of tourists: travelers are attracted by the unusual local flavor and fresh fish dishes. Here you can also visit several historical museums and a temple, take a boat trip and, if you are lucky, meet rare white dolphins. Walking along the village streets, you can buy and taste local delicacies – such as fried rice donuts or soy kefir, fried spinach with shrimp paste or salted fish with ginger, and much more.

11. Hong Kong Skyline< /h3>

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Hong Kong skyline – skyscrapers on the coast of Victoria Bay on Hong Kong Island at night

The Skyline is a string of giant skyscrapers located along the coast of Victoria Bay. Although the attractive modern facades of these structures are difficult to miss during the day, they really change at night, when the bewitching backlight lights up. And every evening at 8 o'clock, a fantastic laser show is projected on high-rise buildings – perhaps there is no equal to this spectacle in the whole world. Hundreds of city guests and local residents specially gather in advance at observation platforms equipped on the opposite shore of the bay to become observers of an amazing spectacle. You can watch the show from different points, and from each new angle it is perceived differently. The performance begins with several beams and unfolds into a real extravaganza of colors, accompanied by musical pieces. This impressive show is called “Symphony of Lights”, and tourists from all over the world come to see it.

12. Victoria Bay

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

View of Victoria Harbor at night from Victoria Peak

It is possible to plan routes in Hong Kong endlessly, because every year new sights appear here that cannot be ignored. But what to see in Hong Kong in 10 hours, while passing through the metropolis and not wanting to miss the opportunity to at least partially get to know this vast city? Perhaps the obligatory item on the itinerary of any tourist, even those who arrive in Hong Kong for half a day, is Victoria Bay – one of the most symbolic places in the city. For a long time, it has served as a port, but this is not what attracts tourists. The view of the embankment surrounding the bay is not so important, and all attention is occupied by the surrounding architecture, striking in its scale and constructive solutions. Particularly popular on the coast is the famous Victoria Peak, which is the highest point of the island. On a hill – a cluster of restaurants, parks, as well as an observation deck, which offers a stunning panorama of the city.

13. Hong Kong Park (Central District)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

The artificial lake of the Hong Kong Park in the center of the business district of Hong Kong Rustam Abdrakhimov

Few will argue with the fact that Hong Kong is a stone jungle, a real forest of dizzying skyscrapers. But sometimes a person needs a breath of fresh air and a piece of nature so much that a vegetable island was created right in the middle of the urban jungle of Hong Kong, where you can get rid of the endless city bustle. This is Hong Kong Park – an oasis in the middle of the city, where the main elements are abundant greenery and running water, linking together different park compositions – here you can find many man-made ponds, streams, waterfalls and magnificent landscape compositions. A variety of outlandish flora and many tropical birds living in the park create an amazing tropical environment. In addition to greenery and water, the park can offer its visitors a number of interesting museums, and an observation deck in the form of a 30-meter tower, and an amphitheater for 900 seats, and a cafe, and even a registry office.

Official site: https://www.lcsd.go

14. Nan Lian Garden

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTOS)

A bridge over an artificial reservoir and graceful Chinese-style buildings in Nan Lian Garden Anna & Michal

Another corner of silence and peace in the heart of huge Hong Kong is the modern Nan Lian Garden, opened in the 2000s. Today it is one of the most picturesque parks in the metropolis, located in the Kowloon area and occupying more than 35 thousand square meters. In the northern part of the park is the Chilin Monastery – Nan Lian was planned precisely as part of the monastery complex. Therefore, the main thematic concept of the park is its full compliance with the Feng Shui design rules, and today Nan Lian is made in the best traditions of ancient Chinese parks: pavilions alternate with terraces, lotus ponds and bridges complement this magnificence. The main pavilion of Absolute Perfection is located in the very center of the lake. The second pavilion is the Tea House built on the water in the form of a wooden corridor for tea parties. The Fragrance Hall hosts temporary exhibitions and the local restaurant serves exclusively lean vegetarian dishes.

Official website: http://www.nan

15. Kowloon Park

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTO)

View of Kowloon Park in the center of Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong Baycrest

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Chinese garden in the large public park Kowloon in Hong Kong User:Matthias Süßen

Each district of Hong Kong is famous for something interesting and unique. The Kowloon Peninsula, which seems to have the same noisy life as everywhere else, still has its own corner of calm – a large Kowloon park, where it is so good to relax from the frantic pace of Hong Kong. On the land where the park is located, military barracks were once located, but in the 70s of the last century they were demolished, and on an area of ​​​​14 hectares a wonderful park grew up, in which today you can find everything for a detached walk – picturesque ponds, green alleys , shady corners, Chinese landscape gardens and various sculptures. This place is not only pleasant for its views, but also interesting for its inhabitants. For example, you can see pink flamingos by the ponds, and right next to the observation deck there is a large round aviary with parrots of different breeds. An added bonus for vacationers is that visiting the park is absolutely free.

Official website: https://www.lcsd.gov

16. Scientific museum

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Exhibition about prehistoric life on earth on the underground floor of the Hong Kong Science Museum Wpcpey

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Hong Kong Science Museum Exhibition Hall WiNG

The Science Museum of 1992 is a corner of acquaintance with the great inventions of man. It is located in Hong Kong next to the History Museum. The area of ​​the museum is impressive, which is as much as 6 square kilometers. This territory housed as many as 17 exhibition sites, demonstrating about five thousand exhibits. The theme of the exposition includes five zones – an introductory exposition, natural science, technology, natural science, and a children's exhibition. In the center of the museum hall is the main exhibit, the real symbol of the museum – a giant 22-meter energy machine that demonstrates the transformation of energy. Most of the exhibits are interactive, you can touch and explore them with your own hands. A variety of levers and buttons allow you to perform a variety of simple experiments, through which some physical phenomena are explained.

Official website: https://hk.science.museum

17. Hong Kong History Museum (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Folk culture of Hong Kong in the halls of the Museum of Hong Kong History in Tsim Sha Tsui Wpcpey

Those wishing to learn everything about Hong Kong from a historical perspective are advised to visit the Hong Kong History Museum, which displays thousands of exhibits related to the history of Hong Kong, starting from antiquity. Eight galleries show the entire history of Hong Kong, from prehistoric times to the present. Giant dioramas are dedicated to the daily life of an ancient person – here are elements of excavated settlements dating back to the Song, Ming and Tang periods, as well as household tools made of bone and stone. Interesting pottery is presented in the ceramics hall, and exhibits related to fishing, examples of Chinese dwellings, and demonstrations of the traditional tea ceremony are presented in the new history hall. On the second floor there is a hall of recent history with the first typewriters, documents, photographs and utensils. In an attractive double-decker tram, a video with the history of pre-war transport is shown.

Official website: https://hk.history

18. Hong Kong Museum of Art (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Buddha sitting on a lotus at the Hong Kong Museum of Art Kinan168

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a must-see for anyone who would like to get to know Chinese art in more detail. Today, the collection impresses with its size and artistic value – the number of exhibits already totals about 15 thousand, including ancient paintings and calligraphy, antiques and jewelry, unique drawings and engravings, creations of contemporary artists. The collection of antiquities showcases bronzes, ceramics, jade enamels, samples of ancient fabrics and traditional clothing. The hall of historical painting presents about a thousand paintings drawn in oil, pencil, and watercolor. In addition to permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are regularly organized in two special halls of the museum. A small exposition of sculptures, located in the open area in front of the museum building, also deserves attention.

Official website: https://hk.art.museum

19. Hong Kong Cultural Heritage Museum (Sha Tin)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

New Territories Heritage Hall at Hong Kong Heritage Museum Wpcpey

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall at the Hong Kong Cultural Heritage Museum in Hong Kong Wpcpey < p>Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Buddha in Chinese Art Gallery at Hong Kong Cultural Heritage Museum in Hong Kong Wpcpey

Hong Kong Heritage Museum, founded in 2000, showcases the unique interweaving of history, culture and art in a variety of organized programs. Local exhibitions focus on creative and vibrant local culture, including design, photography, Cantonese opera, intangible heritage, popular culture. It also traces the subtle relationship of world cultures with the peoples of China, in particular Hong Kong. To attract more visitors, the museum periodically hosts bright and exciting exhibitions aimed at both educating and entertaining visitors. On an area of ​​7.5 thousand sq.m. There are several halls dedicated to Cantonese Opera at once, where the main secrets of preparing for a spectacular performance are revealed, from the preparation of makeup to dance and music.

Official website: https://www .heritagemuseum

20. Hong Kong Coastal Defense Museum

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTO)

View of the Hong Kong Coastal Defense Museum on Hong Kong Island Gp03dhk

The old coastal defense fort, built in the 19th century by British troops to protect the approaches to Victoria Bay, houses a military history museum that tells visitors about the history of coastal defense during the Qing and Ming dynasties, during periods of major wars and other historical events. The museum was founded in 1999, and its exposition is located in three sections, representing the reception hall, the redoubt and the historical path. The internal premises of the redoubt serve as exhibition galleries with permanent exhibitions related to the history of coastal protection. Among the monuments located inside the redoubt, a huge cannon with a caliber of about 18 cm and weighing about 5 tons, a torpedo station and a battery built to protect the harbor from destroyers using small high-speed missiles stand out.

21. Museum astronautics

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

The hemispherical shape of the building of the Hong Kong Space Museum on the waterfront Tsim Sha Tsui Marcus Meissner

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Hong Kong Space Museum is dedicated to the history of space exploration and astronomy MAPOCE

The complex of museum buildings, including the Museum of Art and the Cultural Center, also includes the Museum of Cosmonautics, the building of which stands out for its huge hemispherical egg-shaped roof. The museum, opened in 1980, houses the world's first planetarium with an automated control system and other advanced technical features. The planetarium, created to popularize space and astronomical sciences, is located in the east wing of the museum – here you can visit the halls of space science, the space theater, workshops, and the west wing houses the astronomy hall, souvenir shops and astronomical literature. Advanced interactive equipment allows visitors to learn about space as clearly as possible, penetrating into its secrets. The museum's huge domed screen regularly showcases the best multimedia shows and foreign films streamed through headphones in multiple languages.

Official website: https://www.lcsd.gov

22. Museum of Optical Illusions

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Entrance to the Museum of Optical Illusions in Hong Kong ND-128

A visit to the Museum of Optical Illusions will help you go beyond the usual format of excursions, the exposition of which is based on 3D technologies and various innovations. The creators of the expositions were able to skillfully and interestingly beat each unfolding story in the form of compositions, in which the visitor himself becomes the central figure. How the plot of the exposition will develop depends on the visitor himself and on his imagination. This allows you to get away from the boring everyday life into the world of optical illusions, plunging into a fantastic atmosphere and having been in an unusual situation. The exposition includes about 70 three-dimensional paintings located in several thematic halls. For example, here you can find yourself inside a beautiful blossoming flower, visit a rainbow, sit on a palm tree, hover over an abyss, be in a boat with the characters of Monet's paintings, or sit next to the Mona Lisa herself.

Official site: http://trickeye.com

23. Madame Tussauds

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in the mall Peak Tower at Victoria Peak Slaisomm

A month may not be enough to explore all the delights of the Hong Kong metropolis – every day you can find new interesting places here and not get bored. What to see in Hong Kong in 5 days? Perhaps a five-day trip can be turned into a very rich tour of the most interesting sights. Among the museums, Madame Tussauds Museum should be especially singled out, which invariably attracts guests with the opportunity of a “personal” acquaintance with the most famous people in the world, or rather, with their plausible wax copies. The sculptures are so realistic that sometimes it takes your breath away at the sight of another celebrity. It is worth noting that the creation of each new twin takes about six months and several hundred thousand dollars, and about 20 specialists work on the creation. By the way, all figures are called “wax” according to an old habit – in fact, all of them have long been made of high-quality silicone.

Official website: https://www.madam< /p>

24. Teaware Museum

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTO)

Teaware Museum in the House with a flagpole in the territory of Hong Kong Park in Hong Kong Alanmak

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Interior of the Tea Ware Museum at the Flagpole House in Hong Kong Wing1990hk

You can get an idea of ​​the tea culture of China, the intricacies of the traditional ceremony, and even personally participate in drinking the drink at the Tea Ware Museum, located among the greenery of the Hong Kong City Park. An excursion to this place turns into a unique journey to ancient Hong Kong, during which you can see the rarest Chinese tea utensils and taste drinks from the most valuable tea varieties. The snow-white building of the palace itself, in which the museum is located, is very consistent with its theme – it was made in the 19th century in the Greek style and decorated with graceful Ionic columns. The most popular among visitors is the exhibition, which demonstrates the basic rules and features of preparing and serving a drink on the table. The museum has a small shop with tea accessories and a variety of teas. And nearby is a cozy tea house where you can enjoy a high-class drink.

Official website: https://hk.art.museum

25. Po Lin Monastery (Lantau Island)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTO)

Po Lin Buddhist Monastery on Lantau Island in Hong Kong Jakub Hałun

Surveying the interesting places of Hong Kong on the map, you can see that the Buddhist monastery Po Lin is located on the green island of Lantau. Today, against the backdrop of the noisy streets of the metropolis, Lantau is a contrasting corner of silence and solitude, the development of which once began precisely with the construction of Po Lin. Visitors to the territory of Lantau are attracted not only by the picturesque nature and the authentic monastery, but also by the famous Buddha statue. The monastery itself was founded at the beginning of the last century by Buddhist monks, and before the construction of the colossal Buddha, it attracted little attention from tourists. With the advent of the giant Buddha sculpture, the flow of people wishing to get to this region increased sharply, and the transport issue was immediately resolved, a modern funicular appeared. Within the complex there are several temples that amaze with the beauty of architecture, majestic statues made of wood and charming decorations made of fresh flowers.

Official website: http://www.plm.

26. Chilin Nunnery (Diamond Hill Area)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTOS)

Chilin Nunnery complex on the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong Rob Young

When it's time to take a break from the city noise, it's time to retire and admire the traditional Chinese flavor in a secluded place on the Kowloon Peninsula, where the large Buddhist complex Chilin and the adjacent Nan Lian Sal are located. The arrangement of the park area here began in 1934 with the construction of the monastery itself, and half a century later the heavily dilapidated temple was reconstructed, taking as a basis the architectural style of the Tang era, with its traditional methods of wooden construction, without the use of nails. The official opening of the renovated monastery took place in 2000, and today the complex includes a nunnery, a temple, Chinese gardens, a vegetarian restaurant and hostels for temporary residents. Treasures such as statues of the Buddha and figures of other bodhisattvas lurk in the temple halls. A stroll through the Tang Dynasty gardens completes the impression, with their rolling landscapes, lotus ponds, rocky stones and lush vegetation.

27. Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery (Sha Tin district)

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 ( PHOTO)

Pagoda and surrounding statues of Arkhan in the Buddhist monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Hong Kong Mk2010


Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

More than 500 golden statues and 431 steps lead to the monastery Ten Thousand Buddha Complex Mk2010

Buddhist temples are not necessarily ancient structures – for example, the Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas is not yet a century old, and crowds of tourists and pilgrims flock to it. The monastery was founded by a simple layman, although he was a pious preacher of Buddhism and his sermons attracted numerous parishioners. In order to conduct performances in a more organized manner, the temple was erected, but for many years its interior decoration was supplemented by countless statues of the Buddha. And today the number of Buddhas has crossed the ten-thousand mark and reaches 13 thousand – all the figurines are gilded and have a small height of up to 30 cm. At the first study, they all may seem the same, but new features gradually appear – it becomes clear that some Buddhas are smiling, others are laughing, others get angry, the fourth scream, the fifth think. The monastery is spread out on the slopes of a rocky hill, and all buildings are connected by a staircase of 431 steps.

Official website: http://www.hongkon

28. Hippodromes Happy Valley and Sa Tinh (Sa Tinh District)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTOS)

General view of the Happy Valley Racecourse from Stubbs Road in Hong Kong Minghong

Many Hong Kong residents are passionate horse racing enthusiasts, so during the entire racing season, tens of thousands of people rush to the racetracks, and those who cannot get there for various reasons rush to special places where they place bets. Among the hippodromes, the largest and most popular are two – the old Happy Valley, founded in the middle of the 19th century and accommodating up to 40 thousand people, and the modern Sathin, built in the 70s of the last century and accommodating up to 85 thousand spectators. Both are operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Everyone chooses a hippodrome to their liking, because they are different not only in size and age, but also in character. If Happy Valley is a legendary place where the atmosphere of irrepressible excitement reigns, then Sa Thin is a more equipped, modern and calm place for true connoisseurs of horse racing.

Official website: https://entertainment

29. Tsingma Bridge

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Tsingma Suspension Bridge over Mawan Canal at night in Hong Kong

Tsingma is a bridge that is famous for its length and construction. After all, this is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, it connects the eastern island of Qing and the western Mawan, hence its name. The total length of the structure is about 40 kilometers, the construction is two-level – a wide highway is laid on the upper level, and railway tracks are laid on the lower level. The bridge's main span, at nearly 1.4 kilometers long, is also the longest rail bridge in the world. And this is not surprising, because the total length of the strongest cables supporting the structure is 160 thousand kilometers! For periods of typhoons, which are not uncommon in Hong Kong, a specially protected lower tier is provided for cars. Currently, Tsingma is not only a busy highway, but also a popular tourist attraction, it has a panoramic center.

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30. Zoo and Botanical Garden (Victoria Peak)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTOS)

Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Garden on the northern slope of Victoria Peak Wpcpey

Travelers planning a family vacation will not have to look long for what to see in Hong Kong with children, because not every major city can see such a number of entertainment, parks and game centers as in Hong Kong. Among the places for entertainment, Hong Kong Disneyland is especially famous, and for those whose children love animals, we can recommend the large Oceanarium and the Hong Kong Zoo, which combines a botanical park and a zoo. The latter was founded in 1871 and is located on the picturesque slope of Victoria Peak. The main asset of the zoo is about 700 inhabitants, including a large number of primates, as well as reptiles, turtles, snakes, and birds. Although the small territory does not allow keeping large animals, visiting the park is absolutely free. The beautiful zoo covers 5 hectares and contains about a thousand species of tropical plants, including 20 species of bamboo, 30 species of palm trees, as well as flowering camellias, magnolias, azaleas and an abundance of other vegetation.

31. Hong Kong Tram

Attractions Hong Kong: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Double-decker trams – landmark of Hong Kong hans-johnson

Even having two days in Hong Kong at your disposal, you can see a lot of interesting places – the main thing is to plan the route correctly and get the most out of the mini-trip. One of the best ways to reveal the whole flavor of the metropolis, to feel its essence and energy is to ride around the city on a completely amazing transport, a double-decker tram. But if for a tourist the view of such a tram is something fantastic, then for the locals it has long been familiar public transport, without which it is difficult to imagine Hong Kong. Once the lands of Hong Kong were a British colony, it was from there that the use of a kind of transport began – for sure, many people know the London double-decker buses. All tram lines pass through the oldest part of Hong Kong, with about 170 trams running here, and this is a great way to get yourself a budget city walk.

Official website: https://www .hktramways

32. Star Ferry

Hong Kong Attractions: Top -36 (PHOTOS)

Passenger ferry Star Ferry in Victoria Bay against the backdrop of the financial district of Hong Kong

Ferry service between Hong Kong, Kowloon and some other islands is not just one of the types of local transport that has not lost its relevance for a century and a half. Charming boats, now and then scurrying through the waters of Victoria Bay, are a true symbol of Hong Kong. One of the oldest city ferries is the Star Ferry, which is suitable not only for crossing, but also for getting new impressions from a boat trip both day and night. Evening time on the “star” ferry is a period of fantastic spectacles, when breathtaking views of city panoramas with illuminated giant skyscrapers open up from the water. A particularly good moment is 8 pm, when the Hong Kong Skyline becomes the venue for the laser show. And while crossing the water on the TurboJet and Cotai Water Jet ships, you can go explore the sights of Macau.

33. Ngonping 360 (Lantau Island)

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)< /p>Ngong Ping 360 cable car and 30 meter bronze Buddha statue on Lantau Island in Hong Kong

The city's most beautiful sights are located high in the mountains on Lantau Island – here are the giant Buddha statue, striking in its size, and the picturesque Po Ling Monastery, and the Wisdom Path with wooden steles carved with sutra quotes located along it. Previously, this magnificent region could only be reached on foot or by bus, until the modern Ngong Ping 360 cable car opened here in 2005. Now the road to the mountains is a pleasure, it takes about half an hour and brings indescribable emotions from the contemplation of extraordinary natural landscapes. The length of the cable car is about 6 kilometers, its lower station is located on the coast of Lantau, and the upper one is located near Ngong Ping Square. The cable car is equipped with the latest design elements and has three types of cabins – standard for several people, “crystal” with a transparent glass bottom, as well as private, most comfortable.

Official website:https://www.np360

34. Peak Tram Funicular

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTO)

Peak Tram funicular route from the Central District to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is one of the most sought-after and desirable tourist destinations, and thousands of visitors come here every day to admire the magnificent city panoramas from a height of half a kilometer. There are several ways to get to the top of Victoria Peak, but the most popular of them is moving on the elevated Peak Tram tram, which appeared here at the end of the 19th century and became the first cable funicular in Asia. Then it represented the only way to move between the lower settlements and mountainous regions. Initially, the funicular was driven by a steam engine, and only many years later it was equipped with electric traction. The whole journey takes about 8 minutes and runs through the oldest historical districts of Hong Kong. The updated funicular is equipped with an automatic speed control system and can reach up to 6 meters per second.

35. Sky 100 Viewing Deck

Hong Kong Attractions: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Overview of Hong Kong Island from the observation deck on the 100th floor of the Staeiou International Trade Center

If we talk about the places from which the best view of the metropolis opens, then we can advise you to visit the 60-meter Hong Kong Ferris wheel, however, in terms of height, this attraction is significantly inferior to the Sky 100 observation deck, located on the 100th floor of the tallest 490-meter building in Hong Kong. Sky 100 is the city's tallest indoor observation deck, offering a 360-degree view of Victoria Bay and the surrounding city from a bird's eye view. It is located on the 100th floor of the International Center building at an altitude of about 400 meters. Sky 100 is also known for the fact that it regularly hosts multimedia exhibitions using laser technology, which allow you to get acquainted with the history and culture of Hong Kong. A kind of map located on the site with the image of the most significant city objects allows you to choose a route for further travel right here.

Official website:https://sky100.com

36. Dragon's Back

Hong Kong Landmarks: Top 36 (PHOTOS)

Hong Kong Naval Surface Warriors

The people of Hong Kong are big fans of hiking, so all the Hong Kong islands are covered with a network of hiking trails and trekking routes of varying difficulty. One of the most famous tracks of this kind is called “Dragon's Back”, which is the optimal combination of low difficulty and the best views. The route passes through the tops of two hills, connecting them and with its outline, as it were, reminiscent of a “dragon backbone”. The total length of this trail is approximately 8 kilometers, and it takes about 5 hours to overcome the entire path. While hiking, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the South China Sea, local villages, beaches, and from the top you can even see the neighboring Lamma Island. Outlandish plants grow along the entire mountain range, colorful butterflies flutter, and at the highest point of the route there is an extensive observation deck.

Official website: http://www.discoverh

Having been in Hong Kong, be sure to visit the capital of China – Beijing! We have prepared for you an overview of the best sights of Beijing to inspire you on your further trip to China.

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