Here’s what I pack in my kid’s hand luggage for a mid-length flight – The Travel Hack

Here's what I pack in my kids' luggage on medium-haul flights - The Travel Hack

Here’s what I pack in my child’s luggage:

I use The Travel Hack backpack for each one. This video uses Travel Hack backpacks in different colors, but these won’t be available until next year. Various colors and patterns are also available, but these are not the final colors. We also have black in stock!

We’re all going to change our clothes.

Activity pack. The items in this video were purchased from B&M.

they share an iPad, Kindle fire, and Nintendo Switch

Make sure everything is downloaded correctly before you leave home. There’s nothing worse than getting on a plane and realizing that the movie you downloaded wasn’t actually downloaded and you don’t have Wi-Fi.


And don’t forget those pesky headphone adapters for Apple devices

There is an external charger

The Kindle Fire in particular doesn’t have a long battery life, so if you’re experiencing lag you may need to extend your battery life.

Also, I want to point out that you will actually be putting all your electronics in your backpack to get through security. This is so that children don’t have to take anything out of their bags at security and can easily pass through with their father.

A bento box for packing your lunch. I don’t put sweets in their lunch boxes. Mainly because they are animals and don’t have an off switch when it comes to sweets. So I keep some in my backpack and hand them out when they finish their lunches.

CamelBak water bottles that can be refilled at Starbucks or water fountains. I really like these bottles. I used to buy cheap ones, but they ended up breaking or leaking, so although they are expensive, they are quite cost-effective.

For my 3-year-old daughter, Alba:


No-mess coloring book

scratch art

I put that and a small bag of toys in my airport security amenity bag

We have a 6 year old son, Joseph

scratch art

Where Is the Sloth – These books are truly amazing. I have a few and they keep us all entertained for hours.

avengers coloring book

No products were found.

felt tip pen

George 7 years old features:

pokemon maze book

word search

top playing cards

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