Guns, mop, rum, scurvy: a day in the life of a pirate

Guns, mop, rum, scurvy: a day in the life of a pirate

Elena Theodoridou A husky parrot on the shoulder, gold in the chests and a mug of rum on the table – this is how we imagine the pirates of the 17th century. And also endless sea battles, lack of laws and complete freedom. Who in childhood did not dream of getting on a ship flying a black flag? Reality, as often happens, is a little different from books and films. Real pirates had to obey strict discipline, endure hunger, illness and do exhausting work. And the almost inevitable end of the career of every filibuster was a loop of fragrant hemp.

No personal space

The pirate's morning began in the common cabin. They didn’t hear about hygiene in those days, clothes were washed only on the shore, it was not customary to wash and there was nowhere … the smell was appropriate.

Even the captain could not be alone on the ship. Often he did not have a separate cabin, so he slept next to the rest of the sailors. We always dined together, made decisions, worked, rested – too.

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