German tour operators began to press Mediterranean hotels, putting the next tourist season on the line

German tour operators have begun to press Mediterranean hotels, putting the next tourist season at stake

The “difficult negotiation process” between German tour operators and Mediterranean hoteliers started in August and promises to be extremely difficult: the next season is actually at stake. The crisis due to high inflation, rising energy prices, shortage of staff and rising costs for the remaining staff, has led to the fact that hotels in the Mediterranean are forced to sharply increase their selling prices for tour operators. This was stated in the German business and travel magazine fvw. It is in the interests of tour operators to suppress prices as much as possible in order to make it easier to sell tour packages, as a result, tour operators have already begun to press Mediterranean hotels. However, in general, it is expected that prices for package holidays will definitely increase, and strongly – the question is how much …

Most hotels in almost all resort countries of the Mediterranean – Spain, Greece, Italy – speak about price increases and staff shortages , Portugal, Turkey and other major destinations. As a result, it is expected that they will “impose high prices on tour operators”, and they, in turn, will begin to “press” hotels in the Mediterranean. But their victory is risky.

Resort countries are already experiencing a shortage of around 400,000 employees, leading hotels to cut back on income-generating activities, including limiting the opening and closing times of restaurants and bars, and reducing the number of spa services. At the same time, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that tourism should be attractive not only for tourists, but also for employees, adding: “For this to happen, wages must increase and working conditions must improve.”

Caroline Quetglas, president of the Balearic Hoteliers Association, in turn said: “We will insist that prices increase by 8-10%. But it will be difficult because of the economic situation in Europe,” she said. The expert also added that the costs of hotels in the Balearic Islands have increased by 25-40%, which in turn makes it impossible to increase staff salaries, which, as a result, “washes” workers out of the tourism sector.

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