Georgia lifted restrictions on entry into the country for all foreigners

Since June 15, Georgia has returned to the “pre-Covid” entry rules -vseh-inostrancev-115fc33.jpg” alt=”Georgia lifted entry restrictions for all foreigners” />

 Relevant Document published on the website of the Government of Georgia.

“Any person arriving from abroad (regardless of citizenship) is exempted from the obligation to providing a document confirming a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test for the last 72 hours before the visit, and self-isolation,” the document signed by the Prime Minister of Georgia says.  

Thus, Russians can also enter Georgia again without any “covid” formalities. True, you can get to Georgia by plane from the Russian Federation only through third countries. Russia still has not lifted the ban on flights to this country.

The cheapest way to travel to Georgia is through Armenia. The cost of a round-trip ticket for July starts from 40 thousand rubles. per person. You can also come to Georgia from Armenia by bus or car.

You can also fly to Georgia (Tbilisi) with a connection in Azerbaijan. The price of such a flight is from 41 thousand rubles. per person. There are options for flights through Kazakhstan, Turkey, the UAE.

Finally, you can get to Georgia from Russia by car. Recall that the land border between Russia and Georgia is open. But this path is chosen by a very small number of tourists.

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