FUN&SUN tourists are preparing to meet in Buryatia

On Sunday, February 12, 2023, tourists from the FUN&SUN tour operator who arrived in the region as part of a charter program will be met in Buryatia. Flights on the wings of Ural Airlines will be operated weekly on Saturdays with arrival in Ulan-Ude on Sunday morning. In total, 7 return flights will be operated in the winter season, the last one in the winter season is March 25, 2023. This is the sixth FUN&SUN charter chain to Buryatia. For the first time, the tour operator offered tourists package tours to Lake Baikal in the summer of 2020. The charter program is supported by the Government of the Republic of Buryatia.

FUN& SUN are getting ready to meet in Buryatia

The load of the first flight is 100% (158 seats), the next one, which will arrive in Buryatia on February 19, is loaded by about 90 %. Tourists who dream of going to Baikal this winter should hurry up with buying a tour, as demand is high.

Alexander Sirchenko, Deputy General Director of the FUN&SUN tour operator for interaction with authorities and communications, will arrive on board with tourists in Buryatia .

Baikal is the main point of attraction for tourists in winter Buryatia. Baikal ice, turquoise, decorated with white cracks and hummocks, can traditionally be seen in photos and videos on social networks.

As part of the FUN & SUN package tours, tourists have the opportunity to visit Olkhon (by the way, it is much easier to get to the island from Buryatia, the trip by hivus takes only 2 hours), look into the grottoes, which in winter resemble fairy-tale caves, swim in hot springs, take a steam bath installed right on the shore of Lake Baikal. Also, guests will get acquainted with the natural beauties and culture of the peoples of Buryatia, visit the Ivolginsky datsan – the center of Buddhism in Russia, visit Semey people, if they wish, they can touch the mysteries of shamans, visit centers of traditional oriental medicine.

This winter, tourists will be able to get to the celebration of the Eastern New Year – Sagaalgan, which will be celebrated in Buryatia on February 21, 2023. This is a special time when you can leave all troubles behind and start life from scratch. Sagaalgan opens the “White Moon” during this period, festive ceremonies are held in datsans.

More about charter programs to Baikal baikal

The cost of package tours to Buryatia starts from 36,000 rubles per person. The price includes flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions according to the program. Tourists have the opportunity to purchase optional excursions on the spot to get even more impressions.

In the FUN&SUN sales structure, Buryatia is in the TOP-3 popular domestic destinations.

Currently Sales of tours to Lake Baikal for the summer season 2023 are open. The flight program is scheduled for the period 24.06 – 26.08.2023 on the wings of Ural Airlines. Departures will be operated weekly on Saturdays with arrival on Sunday. The cost of tours for 7 days, including flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions according to the program, starts from 48 thousand rubles per person

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