Friday 5s: 5 of the best fake tans – The Travel Hack

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I’m a fake tan fanatic. Getting a tan makes you feel happier and healthier. When applied well, it can give a natural glow that is simply not possible in the British winter.

Let me explain the “if applied successfully” part again. A poorly done fake tan is the worst, making you look like a patchy Ampa Loompa.

I remember when going on vacation was all about getting a tan. I spent most of the day on a sun lounger, trying my best to get an even tan. I can’t think of anything worse these days. When you’re out and about, you want to get out and explore, but you still want to soak up the sunshine instead of doing boring work lazing around in the sun.

Here are five of my favorite fake tans and the best self tans you can buy around town…

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

#1 – Fake Bake Original

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

Perfect for: It’s the best

In my eyes, nothing beats Fake Bake Original. This is amazing. It doesn’t get streaky, it doesn’t look orange, and it doesn’t have that weird fake tan smell. Well, you’re doing a little bit, but not as much as other tanners.

When applying Fake Tan Original, the trick is to apply a generous amount. They look and feel like little mud monsters and are a little sticky, so wear baggy pajamas and let them sleep an hour before bed. You’ll wake up and be horrified by how you look, but when you take a shower you’ll feel like a bronze goddess.

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

#2 – Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner

Recommended for: Beautiful skin, winter

This is a very light tanner so it won’t do much for people with olive skin. If you have fair skin or are in the middle of winter, this is a great option. It’s incredibly easy to apply, requires no fuss, has almost no scent, doesn’t streak, and has a beautiful pale tan color.

It also seems to eliminate cellulite. I don’t believe this for a second, but tanning definitely makes you feel thinner, so let’s just pretend it is.

(You may have seen this in Dragon’s Den and had the song “Who Wants to Be Skinny Tan? I Want to Be Skinny Tan!” stuck in your head. Very annoying.)

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

#3 – Garnier Ambre Soler Mousse

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

Best for: Low budget and easy to apply

Fake tans can be expensive, so an affordable option that’s still pretty good is Garnier Ambre Soler. It’s mousse-like so it’s very easy to apply. It’s a quick-drying mousse, so it doesn’t leave streaks (I’m not even sure if it does after I try it!), and at less than $10, it’s a great deal.

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

#4 – Fake bake 60 minutes

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

Best for: Rapid quality

As you know, I’m a big fan of Fake Bake, and while the 60 minute tan isn’t as good as the original, it’s still the best quick tanner on the market. It’s lightweight and easy to apply, so leave it on for two hours and you’ll get a very natural-looking tan.

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

#5 – Saint-Tropez Self Tan Dark

Friday 5s: 5 Best Fake Tans - Travel Hacks

Best for: Dark tan

You should use it with caution if you have fair skin, but apply liberally if you have naturally darker skin.

Tips for applying fake tan

  • Don’t shave wax – your fake tan will last much better on waxed skin
  • Wax your own feet using Veet strips. It hurts at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you paid to have your legs waxed
  • Always exfoliate and moisturize before tanning. However, avoid using oil-based products. Otherwise, the tan will not penetrate into your skin.
  • If you don’t have tanning mitts, use old socks
  • Wash your hands immediately after sunburn
  • Avoid applying fake tan near your elbows, knees, ankles, and armpits
  • Choose a tan that is not too darker than your natural skin tone. I want to look like I have a golden glow and not just a two-week mystical trip on a yacht

Are you using fake tan? If so, what are your favorites?

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