For the sake of what sights did Russian tourists visit troubled Sudan?

The fighting affected several regions of the country, which were previously visited by travelers from Russia.

For what sights did Russian tourists visit troubled Sudan?

For what sights did Russian tourists visit troubled Sudan?

Fighting has been going on in Sudan for several days between the army and the paramilitary group of the Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF). Today, the Russian Ambassador to Sudan, Andrey Chernovol, commented on the situation. According to his statement, there are no Russian citizens among the victims, at least no such information has been received. “Thank God it didn’t happen. All are alive and well. We don’t have such reports that someone was hurt,” – Chernovol reported. 

The rebels took control of the presidential palace and Khartoum airport. The media report dozens of deaths. 

As for recreation, it has recently been impossible to fly directly from Russia to Sudan, but just a month ago, the Sudanese ambassador in Moscow spoke of his intention to resume air traffic between the countries. Not so many tourists come to Sudan, but there is a certain interest in this direction. 

First of all, travelers are attracted by the wealth of the country's history. In ancient times, Northern Sudan was known as Nubia. There are many archaeological sites of ancient Egyptian civilization left in the country. Previously, tourists could go on group tours with a tour of the pyramids in Meroe.

Meroe is an ancient city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was once the capital of an ancient kingdom. A Russian-Italian archaeological expedition has been working there for 14 years, exploring pyramid complexes.

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