“Football without rules” in Florence

Have you ever seen a football match that looks like a costume show?

Costume show

“Football without rules” is an exciting costume show that has been held annually in  Florence since the Middle Ages.

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“Football without rules”

"Football without rules" in Florence< /p>“Football without rules”, Florence

“Football without rules” in Florence

Despite the name of the tournament, the rules   still exist, but rather peculiar.  Instead of  grass – a sandy area, instead of 11 players – as many as 27 strong fellows are trying to throw the ball over the line.

Costumed football

Costume football, Florence

"Football without rules" in Florence< /p>Costume football in Florence

“Florentine style football”  has something in common with rugby. Playing with your hands is not  only possible, but necessary.

The duration of the match is 50 minutes. As a rule, 4 city teams participate in the game: Santa Croce, San Giovanni, Santa Maria Novella and Santo Spirito.

"Football without rules" in Florence

Costumed fight

Interesting fact: instead of sportswear, the players dressed in historical costumes.

"Football without rules" in Florence< /p>Costume fight, Florence

The tradition of Florentine football originated in the 16th century and was considered at that time entertainment for aristocrats. It is known that Pope Clement VII took part in one of the tournaments.

Costume fight in Florence

"Football without rules" in Florence< /p>Florentine football

Florence football in suits

"Football without rules" in Florence

Costumed Florentine football

"Football without rules" in Florence< /p>Unusual football, Florence

Florentine style football is not just a storm of emotions, it's passion!

Unusual football in Florence

Football in Florentine style

Florentine costume football

"Football without rules" in Florence


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