Flying Etiquette and what not to do at the airport – The Travel Hack

Airplane etiquette and what not to do at the airport - The Travel Hack

I found this post hidden in the chaos of my documents folder. I wrote this article a few months ago, especially after my flight was severely delayed. I was tired, clingy, and angry at everything and everyone around me.

Paul Theroux once said: “Travel is fascinating when you look back on it.

I always love flying and the excitement of airports, but that wasn’t the case this day. Please excuse the grumpiness of this post. We all need a good rant from time to time, right?

Here are some of my do’s and don’ts when flying.

Let us know what frustrates you while flying by adding your own in the comments below!

Check how many bags you can take onboard

On almost every Ryanair flight I’ve been on, there’s always someone arguing with the cabin crew about their luggage. There is a person who always carries a bag that is too big or too heavy, or he tries to fit five bags at once. And the funniest part is trying to discuss it with the staff!

Most flights allow you to bring one small case and a small handbag or laptop bag that teeth that.

Please note that you cannot bring your kitchen sink on board, so please check it in. Also, leave the bricks at home, as they are good at finding overweight packages.

Only take well-behaved children in airport lounges

We all know how much I love a good airport lounge, but if there’s one thing that ruins that tranquility, it’s a screaming child. I don’t hate children at all. I just don’t like it when my kids are screaming in the lounge I paid to use.

Why are you queuing?

This is a personal thing, but I just don’t understand why people stand up and line up to board a plane as soon as the gate opens. It will take at least 20 minutes for everyone to board, so be sure to sit and stretch your legs for as long as possible.

The less time I have on the plane, the better, so I’m always the last to board. (I understand that not everyone can do this!)

Be nice to the cabin crew

They have to do really hard work. On a recent flight I took, we were short-staffed as two members were seriously injured in turbulence and were unable to fly.

Airplane etiquette and what not to do at the airport - The Travel Hack

Use the toilets before you get off the plane

You know when you just get off the plane and enter the airport and there’s a huge line outside the toilet? Yes, you’re in a hurry to pee, but you’ve been holding it in for eight hours. Is there anything that would make it even slower? You can avoid the lines by using the restroom right before your plane lands. That way you can avoid all those people, get through immigration, and get out of the airport as quickly as possible. You’ll be the first in the taxi line, so you’ll be the first to start enjoying your vacation.

The passport scanners aren’t that difficult to use

I don’t know what people who try to use E-passports do. All you have to do is place it in the scanner and then look directly where it tells you to look that’s it. Don’t look at your feet. Don’t look at the ceiling. Look at the arrow and the door will open.

Don’t crowd around the baggage carousel

Did you know that if you stand as close as possible to the baggage carousel, your baggage won’t come out as quickly? Yes, it is!

It drives me crazy to see everyone so crowded around the merry-go-round. If everyone takes a step back, everyone can fit around them without having to stand on their tiptoes and look over their shoulders. You also won’t get hit in the shin or elbowed in the face when someone takes your case off your belt.

OK, rant!

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