Face masks on planes will remain mandatory for years to come

According to experts, face masks are likely to become a regular feature of air travel for the foreseeable future.

Face masks on airplanes will remain mandatory for years to come

According to experts, protective masks are likely to become a common feature on air travel for the foreseeable future.

Even as COVID-19 infection rates drop, borders will reopen and travel restrictions will be lifted , the wearing of masks on board will remain mandatory for both passengers and crew members.

Airline representatives are advising to simply get used to masks and compare them to the restrictions on carrying liquids in aircraft cabins, introduced after the September 11 attacks 20 years ago. 

Moreover, international regulations will make it almost impossible for individual airlines to allow passengers to fly without masks. For example, in countries where the authorities have lifted all coronavirus restrictions. “Until the governments of all countries in the world collectively abolish the use of masks on flights, it will be easier for airlines to remain masked.” According to sources, the carriers are waiting for a cross-industry consensus on wearing masks and will act as one. 

Medical experts also tell the masks, “Yes.” While sophisticated air filtration systems make passenger planes one of the safest public places for viruses, personal protective equipment remains the last line of defense against infection. “The main purpose of a mask is to protect the people around you from yourself, although it also provides you with at least some level of protection. Of course, 100% reliability does not exist either in medicine or in life, however, the chance of getting an infection in a closed room in a mask is an order of magnitude less. 

British Airways has already confirmed that it will continue to force passengers to wear masks on all of its flights, even as the UK officially announces the lifting of all its restrictions on the ground. 

Virgin Atlantic also stated that it will keep its finger on the pulse and “work together with the entire industry so you know when you can make changes.”

At the same time, a number of countries continue to record a record increase in cases of unruly behavior on board aircraft. And most of them are because of the masks. So, less than a month ago, a plane flying from the USA to London was forced to return back because of a passenger who refused to comply with the current “mask” rules. In 2022, out of 150 reports of inadequate passengers in the US, 92 were associated with wearing masks. 

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