Ex-participant of “DOMA-2” Roman Kapakly spoke about his spending in Bali

The star of the TV project compared spending in the UAE with spending in Indonesia, where he now lives with his mistress.

Ex-participant of

< p>Former member of “DOMA-2” Roman Kapakly spoke about his spending in Bali

Previously, Roman talked about life in the United Arab Emirates with his wife Marina Afrikantova, but not so long ago there was information about their divorce after three years of marriage. The wife found her lover in bed with Tatyana Musulbes. It turned out that their secret romance began a long time ago. After the scandalous breakup, Kapakla moved with his new lover to live in Bali. He admitted that he was finally able to know true happiness.

Roman also boasted that life with a new darling costs him less than living with an ex-wife in Dubai. Renting real estate, spending on food and restaurants cost him several times cheaper. “Housing is cheaper than in Dubai, but more expensive than in Moscow. We rent a villa for 450 thousand, a trip to the grocery store costs at least 5 thousand, but cafes — it is total pleasure. You can have breakfast and lunch for two for one or two thousand rubles and it will be a top breakfast, — shares Roman.

Earlier, Afrikantova admitted that she had repeatedly faced violence from her ex-husband. As evidence, she posted a photo of her broken knees, allegedly he was dragging her across the floor. The ex-participant of DOM-2 began to deny the statements of the ex-wife and, in turn, accused Marina of bullying. 

«I am in shock, my heart shakes. What did she post? What should I do now? I don't want to stir up this shit, but she crosses all the lines. The  „god“ level of lies began. There is a sincere desire to go on the air and smear it, but I do not want to boil in the mud. As soon as I started broadcasting my happy life, Marina began to perform some garbage, — Roman answered Afrikantova's accusations. 

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