Europe could not stand it, and began to open like an avalanche for tourists

Europe could not stand it and began to open up like an avalanche for tourists

Despite the ongoing cases of coronavirus diseases and even their growth, Europe resolutely headed for the “cancellation” of the pandemic and in some countries covid already in fact equated to the “usual” flu. Restrictions are being lifted en masse, including Europe opening up for tourists. And not only from EU countries, but also from “third” countries, including tourists from Russia.

At the moment, the following “trends” are noted:

  • Spain – a popular resort country, which, before the pandemic, was constantly in the top three in terms of attendance, actually “equated” the coronavirus with the influenza virus. Entry restrictions have already been lifted in the Canary Islands, followed shortly by the Balearic Islands and the mainland. The Ministry of Health decided to treat COVID-19 as influenza from March 28 and lifted the main measures, the quarantine for mild and asymptomatic cases was lifted.
  • UK– the country has already canceled virtually all measures, including “entry” quarantines, which previously completely stopped tourism in the country. However, it is noted that since the cancellation, the number of cases of COVID-19 has increased – mainly in connection with the BA.2 variant, one of the most contagious subtypes of the omicron variant. Nevertheless, all mass countries rely on British tourists – including Egypt and Turkey
  • ItalyApril 1 is to lift the state of emergency, which was first introduced on January 31, 2020 in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy and was extended 7 times. It also assumes the cancellation from April 1 and the “Green Pass”, i.e. local QR code, which is requested at government agencies, banks, post offices, public transport vehicles from April 1. The mask regime in enclosed spaces, however, is planned to be maintained. By the way, Italy “restarted” the issuance of visas to Russian tourists.
  • In Germany, large-scale restrictions will be lifted by government decision from April 2, including the obligation to use masks. However, everything will depend on the decision of the authorities in a particular area of ​​Germany.
  • In Greecethe government also decided to relax the measures taken in the fight against COVID-19 this month and lifted the obligation to wear masks outdoors.
  • In Switzerlandmany measures have been relaxed since February. The obligation to present a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 at the entrance to restaurants, cafes, cultural events and other enclosed spaces has been removed. The mandatory wearing of masks in concert venues, shopping malls and schools has been abolished, especially in workplaces. However, the mask regime remains in place on public transport and the 5-day quarantine rule for those who test positive for COVID-19 is also in effect.

Note that a restoration statement was also released recently issuance of visas by France for citizens of third countries, including Russians. Read the details here.

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