EU delays introduction of ETIAS visa waiver system

The European Union has once again postponed the launch of the European Travel Information and Authorization System -011ccaa.jpg” alt=”EU delays introduction of ETIAS visa waiver system” />

EU decides to postpone implementation of Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) for citizens who do not require a visa to visit Europe, until 2024. The reasons for this decision are not reported.

They did not publicly announce this, they just quietly changed the start date of the new immigration control mechanism at the entrance to the EU and exit from it on the official page of ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System).< /p>

Potential visitors to the block from countries whose citizens can visit the EU without visas, the UK, such as the US and many others, are now being told: “The European Travel Information and Authorization System is expected to be operational in 2024.”

That is, the launch of ETIAS was moved from November 2023 to 2024, without even specifying the month.

The date of deployment of another biometric admission system in Europe, EES, remains unknown (Entry/Exit System), designed for those who arrive in the EU on a short-stay visa or under a visa-free agreement.

It is known that the timing of the implementation of EES was shifted from May to the end of this year, no more information on this topic has been received. How to drink, they will also be postponed to 2024, and then, maybe even further.

Recall that ETIAS is designed for tourists from countries that have a visa-free regime with the EU, and this, in including the UK and the US. The mechanism provides for the submission of an online application to visit any of the 27 Schengen states.

ETIAS applicants (except those under the age of 18 and over 70) will be required to pay a fee of €7 through the official website or app. The entry permit will be valid for three years or until the travel document expires.

ETIAS is expected to affect 1.4 billion tourists from over 60 different countries, including Americans , British, Canadians, Albanians, etc. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Russians: there have always been visa relations between Russia and the EU countries, and in September 2022, the simplified visa regime ceased to operate.

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