Erdogan found a rather strange replacement for Russian tourists in Turkey

Erdogan found a rather strange replacement for Russian tourists in Turkey

“We are making efforts to attract tourists from all countries!” – such a statement was made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announcing his calculations for half a million tourists from a rather unexpected country. The Turkish President made the statement at a press conference after his official visit to Uzbekistan.

He recalled that in Turkey “tourism began to slowly recover”, but the current situation between Russia and Ukraine risks bringing it down again. He also recalled that these two countries are extremely important in terms of Turkish tourism. “We received about 5 million tourists from Russia, and 2 million tourists from Ukraine. It was very, very important to us.” But in 2022, this “usual number of tourists” can not be counted on, so efforts are being made to attract tourists from different countries.

Replacements are being sought in a variety of places – from the Balkans to China. Uzbekistan was no exception. “Last year, we had the pleasure of hosting 270,000 Uzbek brothers in our country – and this was during the epidemic. For this year, we have set a goal of 500,000,” Erdogan said not without pathos. However, time will tell whether Uzbekistan, given the poor financial situation in the country, will turn out to be an exporter of tourists to Turkey.

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