Entering Hong Kong from 06 Feb: Coronavirus vaccinations are not required

Three Hong Kong airlines: Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hongkong Airlines organized the distribution of 500,000 free tickets

Entering Hong Kong from 06 February: no vaccinations against coronavirus required

Starting February 06, no foreign nationals entering Hong Kong will no longer need to present an anti-COVID vaccination certificate, regardless of where they come from.

Covid-19 tests for tourists due to border still remain as a prerequisite for visiting Hong Kong: PCR with a validity period of 48 hours or a rapid antigen test made no later than 24 hours before the departure of a flight to this special administrative region of the PRC.

Medical masks are still required. Everywhere.

In addition, the borders between Hong Kong and China have fully opened today. For the first time in three years. Daily border crossing quotas and testing requirements for those traveling from mainland China or Macau have been lifted. All checkpoints are open.

Hong Kong has launched a high-profile “Hello Hong Kong” campaign in the hope of quickly returning tourists. It, among other things, involves the distribution of 500,000 free tickets from three Hong Kong airlines, Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hongkong Airlines. up to 14 days visa is not required. A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier that the issue of increasing the period of visa-free stay of Russians in this SAR of China from 14 to 30 days is being discussed


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