Emirates launches new City Check-In and Travel Store at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

Airline introduces the world's first check-in assistant robot.Passengers receive free admission to ICD Brookfield Place and discounted entertainment.

Emirates has launched a new City Check-In and Travel Store in the heart of Dubai's bustling financial district, where customers can quickly and easily book flights, check-in and drop off luggage, and shop for travel essentials and accessories without wasting time. in an Aeroport. The state-of-the-art City Check-In and Travel Store has been open to the public since April 27 at ICD Brookfield Place, a premium business center.

Emirates launches new City Check-In and Travel Store at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

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As part of its ongoing investment in customer experience, Emirates has introduced the City Check-in and Travel Store solution at the Dubai Financial Hub in a prestigious and convenient location. Customers can check in their luggage in advance (at least 24 hours before departure, at the latest four hours) and arrive at the airport light. You can check in for a flight at any convenient time – the City Check-in and Travel Store area is open daily from 8:00 to 22:00. Customers can use self-service check-in counters, assistance from Emirates staff, or the world's first Sara robot check-in.

Sara is an innovative mobile check-in robot, which can match passengers' faces with scanned copies of passports, check travelers in for a flight, and direct them to the baggage drop area. The City Check-in and Travel Store is a stylish, contemporary space with eye-catching 2.5 meter high LCD screens showing up-to-date information on Emirates destinations and interactive touch maps. Here, customers have the opportunity to book flights, purchase tourist souvenirs, check in luggage and check in for a flight. For convenience and comfort in the Emirates area, passengers can use paid valet parking or a place for self-parking. Visitors can also get personalized advice and up-to-date information on popular airline destinations, while Emirates staff can help you purchase flights, manage bookings, upgrades, select the right seat and, if necessary, pay for additional baggage.

Additional privileges are available for passengers who want to walk around the business center or relax before their flight. Those who already have a boarding pass in their hands can enjoy free access to a range of entertainment facilities at the world-famous ICD Brookfield Place skyscraper, as well as exclusive discounts and special offers at restaurants, gyms such as Embody Fitness, and premium stores, such as Josette, 1Rebel, Lulu and Beanstalk. In the DIFC area, passengers can enjoy a variety of activities including shopping, dining at first-class restaurants, visiting art galleries and walking along the Gate Avenue boardwalk. To get to the airport when the departure time is approaching, travelers can use a taxi, a Chauffeur service (for premium class passengers), or a metro station.

Emirates launches new City Check-In and Travel Store at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

The Financial Center is a 10-minute walk from the business center with direct trains to Airport Terminal 3.

Adel al Redha, Emirates Chief Operating Officercommented: “The new Emirates City Check In service enhances the Emirates travel experience and demonstrates our commitment to expanding the choice of check-in options for customers. Our new location is the first of its kind area for convenient check-in and baggage drop-off at DIFC. Passengers will be able to avoid queues during airport peak hours.”

Adel Ahmed Al Reda added:“We are excited to partner with ICD Brookfield on this project and look forward to providing more technology in the future. solutions for our customers.”

Rob Devereux, Chief Executive Officer of ICD Brookfield, said: ICD Brookfield Place. This increases the value of our ecosystem as an attractive place for employees, residents and visitors to the city. This stunning new space will allow you to check-in directly at the business center and provide Emirates passengers with more time for daily activities, the opportunity to be productive at work and enjoy a comfortable life in Dubai.”

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