Egypt has found a replacement for Russian tourists: the increase in transportation has begun

Egypt has found a replacement for Russian tourists: the increase in transportation has begun

The inevitable outflow of Russian-Ukrainian tourists from Egypt due to the events in Ukraine has excited the Egyptian authorities, who do not want to be left without foreign tourists this year. In this regard, as noted by local media with reference to the statement of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt Khaled al-Anani, a replacement has already been found – these are travelers from the UK. Now air routes are adjusted for them and transportation is increased.

The tourism sector of the country of the pyramids, which has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, is now suffering losses from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which together annually account for about 40 percent of beach tourists in hot Egypt. At the moment, when the beach season is about to open in Egypt, the government is making efforts to revive and develop the tourism sector and is looking for alternative sources of tourists.

“After tourism was hit by the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, we started looking for alternative markets, one of which is the British one,” the official explained.

According to him, travelers from the UK have always accounted for a significant proportion in the country. But this does not mean that the authorities have focused exclusively on the British market, Al-Anani added. The authorities expressed their readiness to welcome guests from all over the world, providing them with the best services and amenities for a comfortable stay.

Recall that Russian tourists, who were locked up in Sharm el-Sheikh due to flight cancellations, left a lot of angry comments to the head of Rostourism, Zarina Doguzova. The reason is that the Egyptian authorities decided to impose fines on Russians leaving export flights because of visas that were expired through no fault of their own. In this regard, she asked the Egyptian side for assistance and the Egyptian authorities temporarily canceled fines for Russians for delaying the period of visa-free stay.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “In Egypt, they found a replacement for Russian and Ukrainian tourists: they will be Americans, for whom an unusual program will be prepared.”

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