easyJet hand luggage: 5 best 45x36x20 Cabin Bag – The Travel Hack

easyJet baggage: 5 best 45x36x20 in-flight bags - Travel Hacks

Looking for the perfect 45x36x20cm cabin bag?

Perhaps you’re looking for ‘free under-seat baggage’ to take with you on your EasyJet flight. It’s a bag that’s small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, and there’s no extra charge to bring it on board.

you may be surprised at how spacious this size is. Most people can get by with just a 45x36x20 cabin bag for a 2-3 night break.

travel Hack Tip: A 45x36x20 cabin bag takes up most of your legroom, so if you’re tall and have long legs, always try to put your case in an overhead locker. First, board the plane and secure a space in a nearby locker.

Here are 5 of my favourite 45x36x20 cabin bags

1. The Travel Hack Hybrid – Trolley + Backpack

The Travel Hack Hybrid is easyJet’s luggage option if you need a portable suitcase but want to be able to easily pick it up from time to time.

The trolley case can easily be converted into a backpack, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s easy to get around the airport, but it’s also easy to carry around in crowded areas, on rough roads, up and down stairs, and on and off public transportation like a backpack.

I’m a suitcase person and rarely feel the need to carry a bag, but since using The Travel Hack Hybrid I’ve actually ended up carrying a lot more stuff than I thought I would. It’s really convenient to be able to pick it up and throw it on your back.

The Travel Hack Hybrid also comes in a stylish black and rose gold color scheme. There are plenty of pockets to help keep you organized, and the outer pocket provides easy access to documents and other items you may want to access during your flight.

2. Cabin Max Anode 30L – 4 wheel spinner case

The Cabin Max Anode 30L hardshell suitcase with four wheels is probably the cutest little suitcase we’ve ever seen. I don’t know what this suitcase is, but it’s very cute.

you might think there’s no need for such a small bag to have wheels, but a 45x36x20 cabin bag can be surprisingly heavy. I really like having a small suitcase because if I pack properly and put my laptop in the case too, it can be too heavy to carry around for long periods of time!

Strong Points

  • Four spinner wheels make it easy to move around the airport
  • There are many nice colors
  • 2 spacious compartments on each side
  • Divided pocket in the center for organization


  • If you need to take something out on a plane or through airport security, you have to open the entire suitcase

3. Metz 30L Backpack – Budget backpack

For backpack-oriented travelers, Cabin Max’s Metz 30L backpack is a great choice.

It comes in a variety of colors and comes with an all-important front pocket for easy access to documents, passports, phones, and more.

Travel Hack Tip: The Metz 30L backpack also comes as a hybrid that can be used as both a backpack and a suitcase. A little pricey, but worth it if you feel pressured to carry a backpack for long periods of time.

4. Memphis Switch – Converts to a smaller Ryanair size bag

If you’re looking for EasyJet luggage and actually fly a lot with Ryanair, you might be interested in Cabin Max’s Memphis Switch. Easily converts from 45x36x20 cabin bag (easyJet cabin bag) to 40x20x25 (Ryanair cabin bag).

This is perfect if you fly both airlines regularly and only want to buy one bag. Even better if you depart on one airline and return on another!

It’s a great bag to use as an EasyJet cabin bag or a Ryanair cabin bag!

5. Kono Duffel – Best budget cabin bag

The Kono Duffle went viral online after TikTokers proved just how much they could pack into this tiny bag. And at just £9.99, you can’t beat it!

this bag is collapsible, so when you’re at home, you can fold it into a small pouch and get it out of the way. Super lightweight, weighing only 200g!

Well, the quality is probably not amazing. This little EasyJet in-flight bag won’t last forever, and it’s not the most convenient bag to carry, but if you just want a cheap bag, this is it.

It has a front pocket, so I think it’s perfect for storing your cell phone, passport, and other documents. It also has a sleeve so you can hang it on the handle of your hardshell suitcase.

Do I need to worry about my 45x36x20 cabin bag being too big…?

here is a question that many people ask. Is it really a problem that my easyJet baggage is too big?

Simply put, yes. This is important because we often hear of people having their luggage searched and being told they have to pay extra to bring oversized luggage on board.

This is a pain because paying for your baggage at the airport is much more expensive (than paying online in advance). However, it’s also annoying to have to wait in line to pick it up at the baggage carousel upon arrival, as your bag may end up in the plane’s cargo hold. Also, you won’t have access to all your belongings during the flight.

Having said that, I don’t think I should say this too much… Strictly speaking, I often carry bags that are a bit too big on planes, but I have never had them inspected.

Here are some tips if your carry-on bag is actually too big:

  • don’t draw attention to yourself
  • Make sure your documents are ready to submit right away
  • The bag looks very light
  • If your bag has a strap, be sure to carry it on your back
  • If it’s on your shoulders, cover it up by wearing a coat on your arms
  • Avoid appearing rushed or carrying a lot of luggage (avoid extra carry-on bags, coffee cups, duty-free shopping, snacks, etc)

In my experience, the following people are stopped at security because their bags are too big:

  • drunk
  • slow
  • I’m busy and stressed out
  • Their bags are so heavy that they seem to have to be filled with bricks
  • There are many small bags as well as cabin bags

easyJet baggage: 5 best 45x36x20 in-flight bags - Travel Hacks

Do I need to worry about my 45x36x20 cabin bag being too heavy?

in fact, most British airlines have no weight limit for small personal bags under the seat. Airlines monitor the size of your baggage to ensure it’s within the 45x36x20cm size limit, but they don’t actually weigh it.

so, technically, no, you don’t have to worry about a 45x36x20 cabin bag being too heavy.

It should be noted that you can:

  • If you put your bag in an overhead locker, please lift it over your head (if space allows)
  • Easy to carry up and down stairs
  • You can carry it even when walking for a long time in the airport
  • The bag is strong enough that it won’t break even if you put a lot of stress on your belongings!

If your bag has a weight limit or you are concerned about the weight of your carry-on bag, we recommend purchasing a travel scale to weigh your bag. You can also weigh yourself on a scale at home, but it’s unlikely you’ll have access to one on your way home.

technically, you can use a vacuum bag to remove all the air from your clothes, allowing you to fit more into your 45x36x20 cabin bag. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove air from vacuum bags. Simply squeeze out the air and seal the bag. This means you can use it for return trips when you don’t have your belongings. Access to vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum bags allow you to fit more things into your carry-on bag, but they mean:

  • bags can be very heavy
  • The bag may not be able to withstand the extra weight
  • your clothes will get very wrinkled

easyJet baggage: 5 best 45x36x20 in-flight bags - Travel Hacks

Tips for travelling with just an underseat cabin bag

If you’re traveling for just a few days and only plan on bringing a small carry-on bag under your seat, here are some great tips to lighten your load.

  1. No shoes, just wear a versatile pair
  2. Decant the toiletries into a small pot (read here on how to pack toiletries in your travel luggage)
  3. Plan your trip itinerary and plan your outfits
  4. No need to worry about wearing items (especially jeans) more than once
  5. use vacuum bags
  6. or use compression packing cubes
  7. Wear your bulkiest items (such as a jumper) on the plane
  8. Pack clothing made of light fabrics (satin skirts, cotton dresses, silk blouses, etc)
  9. Use dry shampoo instead of shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and hair styling tools
  10. Hide a small handbag inside your coat or under your jumper

easyJet baggage: 5 best 45x36x20 in-flight bags - Travel Hacks

Tips for packing light

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