Dubai Airport introduces automatic check-in for Emirates flights

Automatic check-in of passengers for Emirates flights is introduced at Dubai Airport

New Check equipment -in Ports, developed in the UAE, will allow passengers to independently check in, weigh and mark luggage bags, and receive boarding passes. After marking, the airport staff will put the suitcases on the luggage belt — one for each flight. Emirates staff will guide passengers through every step of automatic check-in.

The innovative service will be available to Economy, Business and First Class passengers. This  will significantly reduce queues and waiting times at the airport during peak hours.

According to Emirates management, check-in portals — not the last useful innovation that improves the quality of customer service. The airline is also working on other initiatives based on technology and artificial intelligence. They will be introduced in the very near future.

Recall that earlier Emirates launched integrated biometric system at Dubai International Airport. “Smart Tunnel” — this is the world's first way to pass through passport control, in which passengers simply go through the corridor and go through “screening”; immigration authorities without contact with “live” inspectors and the need for a physical passport stamp. 

The airline has already implemented several technology services, including self check-in and baggage claim at DXB, for a faster and more contactless service at the airport.

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