Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

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There are many examples of what every tourist should see in Dortmund. Read our review, it lists the most fascinating and interesting attractions in Dortmund.

What to see first in Dortmund?

When compiling our rating, we took into account the reviews of experienced guides and the recommendations of seasoned travelers. In our general opinion, such excursions in Dortmund deserve your attention, such as:

1. Old Market

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Dortmund Historical Attractions at the Old Market Square Lucas Kaufmann

When listing the attractions in Dortmund, any local will start with this vast 12th century pedestrian square. Currently, it also, as before, is actively traded. On the territory there are various restaurants and cafes, galleries, boutiques and supermarkets. We recommend that you make a trip here to see the local town hall with the figure of an eagle on the facade, as well as the ancient fountain.

2. Old Town Hall

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

The Old Town Hall on the Peace Square in Dortmund

Like some other interesting places in Dortmund, the town hall is located on the Peace Square. It is a real architectural masterpiece in the Neo-Renaissance style. The façade of the 1899 building is richly decorated with coats of arms of the Hanseatic regions. During the Second World War, the building was almost destroyed, but later it was reconstructed.

3. Eagle Tower

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Eagle Tower from the south side in the city of Dortmund Ostrovsky Alexander, Kyiv

The date of restoration of the historical object is 1992. The height of the tower reaches 30 meters (6 floors). Inside there is a museum with ancient armor and weapons of the 13th-14th centuries, a model of the defensive walls and the city in the era of the Great Dortmund Dispute.

4. St. Rinald's Church

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Night illumination of the church St. Rinald on Ostenhellweg street in the old town

The majestic sanctuary, the foundation for which was built in the 13th century. Construction work continued until the 18th century, so the appearance of the temple has a variety of elements, including Gothic and Romanesque styles. Over the long history of existence, the church was destroyed several times, and then reconstructed. About 60 years ago, she was given a new organ. Note that before the temple belonged to the Catholics, but today it is the property of the evangelists. If you don't know what to visit in Dortmund, but are passionate about monuments of history, religion and architecture, come here.

5. St. Mary's Church

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

View from the ferris wheel to St. Mary's Church in Dortmund user:Mbdortmund

The only Catholic church you will find in the city center. Its construction was begun by the monks of the Dominican Order in 1354. Your trip to this attraction should be accompanied by a guide: the history of the monument is really fascinating – it is associated with numerous destructions and reconstructions.

6. St. Peter's Church

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

St. Peter's Church 14th century Ostrovsky Alexander, Kyiv

The ancient church of the 14th century, also equipped for many centuries. So, it received its colorful spire only in the 18th century. The main value of the temple is a unique altar depicting sacred scenes from the Gospel. The object is deservedly included in all lists of “the best sights in Dortmund”.

7. Florianturm TV Tower

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Florianturm TV Tower in Westphalian Park User:Riessdo

Dortmund TV and radio tower of the 20th century, striving upwards to over 210 meters. There is a restaurant and a viewing platform for guests. In the past, bungee jumping services were offered here, but after an accident that led to the death of a person due to a broken cable, they are prohibited. But all guides in Dortmund recommend visiting the observation deck of the famous German tower.

8. Dortmund Zoo

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

An inhabitant of the Dortmund Zoo Riessdo

Where to go in Dortmund with the whole family? In the city zoo, whose inhabitants are all kinds of birds and animals. Note that for birds, such as owls, pheasants, peacocks and parrots, a separate area is allotted. Many animals and birds are allowed to be fed together with the park staff.

9. Vestenhölweg

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Westenhölweg – Dortmund's main shopping street Tbachner

The main shopping street of the city. Like many sights in Germany, it is located close to the train station. After you arrive in Dortmund by train, you will need to walk two to three hundred meters and you will see numerous travel agencies, restaurants, souvenir shops and malls. A wonderful place for relaxation, entertainment and shopping.

10. Winged Rhino Sculptures

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Winged rhinoceros is a hallmark of the city of Dortmund JosefLehmkuhl

The rhinoceros with wings is the symbol of the city. This animal has an ideal ear for music, and therefore was chosen to decorate the square near the Philharmonic. Now you can find rhinoceros sculptures with different designs, but identical shapes, both in the center and in the inconspicuous alleys of Dortmund.

11. Hohenseeburg Casino

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Main entrance at the Hohensieburg casino in Dortmund Lucas Kaufmann

What to see in Dortmund in 1 day for a gambler? Pay a visit to this huge three-level entertainment complex, where you can play both traditional card games and roulette of all types, as well as slots (over three hundred machines). Every year the gambling complex hosts more than one million guests. It is close to the best hotels in Dortmund.

12. Brauerei-Museum Dortmund

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Facade of the Brewery Museum in Dortmund Mathias Bigge

It is in Dortmund that the largest amount of beer is produced in the whole country. Therefore, it is not surprising that a beer museum has been opened in the city. Visitors can look at old beer bottles and mugs made of clay, rare steam machines and machines, and, of course, taste and buy the products they like.

13. Cookbook Museum

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Exhibit at the Cookbook Museum in Dortmund WormforEnnio

Opened in 2010, the center is housed in a brewery built in 1926. The collections contain over 2.5 thousand different samples: photos of the 20th century, art objects, canvases and sculptural compositions.

14. German Football Museum

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Building of the German National Football Museum in Dortmund Lucas Kaufmann

Leading European specialists were involved in the creation of the project for the construction of the complex. Therefore, not only the museum complex itself is interesting, but also its building. The interactive exhibition shows the incredible emotions of the players and fans of the number 1 game during the matches. Modern technologies allow the guests of the institution to experience these emotions and become participants of this or that football competition for a while.

Official website: https://www.fussballmuseum

15. Dortmund U-Tower Cultural Center

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Dortmund U-Tower Cultural Center in the former Fred Romero Brewery

The city has a long “industrial” history, but at the same time, many cultural monuments are concentrated in it. The main center of culture and creativity is the large-scale Dortmund U-Tower. Formerly a factory, now it is an exhibition platform for Dortmund and regional photographers and directors, artists. In addition, there is the East Wall Museum, whose examples are graphics and statues, paintings by masters of the 20th century.

Official website: http://www.dortmunder

< h3> 16. Opera House

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

View of the Dortmund Opera House M Bigge

The date of foundation of the first Dortmund Opera is 1904. Later the building was destroyed. The new theater with its futuristic “appearance” is a joint work of E. Tritthart and G. Rosskotten. You can see the building itself, or buy a ticket to one of the wonderful opera performances, which often feature world-famous stars.

17. Delvig's House

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Castle on the water or the old house of the knight Delvig in Dortmund Tbachner

An ancient castle on the lake, the first mention of which dates back to the 12th century. Now the building houses a museum with expositions of Borussian history. Guests are invited to visit the bakery and shoe shop, living rooms and dining room – all objects have undergone a full restoration, as a result of which they received their original appearance. In addition, there is a museum of culture and arts in Delvig's house with rich collections of paintings from the Middle Ages, gold coins, and ancient furniture. If you dream of being transported back to the era of knights, you will not find a better place to visit.

18. Wasserburg-Anholt Castle

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Wasserburg Castle Anholt” surrounded by a huge park with a nature reserve Gouwenaar

The 14th century building is now owned by the German duke. The house is decorated in the Baroque architectural style. One wing of the medieval castle is reserved for a 4-star hotel, the other – for the museum complex. Everywhere you can see unusual interiors, antique furniture and household items from previous centuries. No less interesting is the surrounding area – a giant reserve-park, where deer and pheasants calmly roam.

19. Bodelschwing House

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

View of the castle and landscape garden of the Bodelschwings from the side of the Frank Vincentz pond

A real knight's estate, towering on the shore of the lake. Please note that the property is owned by a family. Therefore, you will not be able to see the park complex and the castle itself. But you should still look at the building at least from afar. Moreover, the building has such impressive dimensions that it is easy to see it.

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Buildings on the territory of the Zollern mine-museum

The original monument of industry, created in the 20th century. Has international importance. The Gothic-style castle is decorated with Byzantine domes. Every year it hosts the famous DASA exhibition, which brings together guests from different parts of the world. For fifty years, coal was mined in the operating mine. Now the object is not used for its intended purpose. Its visitors are invited to visit the machine room, the mining museum and the mine itself with the railway. You will learn about how the miners lived and worked, you will be able to observe how minerals are mined.

Official website:

Dortmund attractions: what else to visit in Dortmund?

If you have already seen all those sights of Dortmund, the photo with the names and descriptions of which we have now given, make a visit to such city objects as:

21. Hansa Coke Plant

< img title="Dortmund Attractions: Top 25" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-dortmunda-top-25-ac59412.jpg" alt="Dortmund Attractions: Top 25" />< /p> Aerial view of the former Hansa coking plant in Dortmund Christian A. Schröder

Monument to the industry of the 20th century. Currently, the plant is not working, and is one of the sights of the city. Guests can watch coal coking and how it is processed and various valuable substances are obtained from it. Often, cultural themed festivals are organized on the territory. A popular excursion “Nature and Technology” was laid through the “Hanse”.

Official website: http://www.industriedenkmal

22. Westfalenpark

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Panorama of the Westfalenpark in Dortmund

In the 19th century, wealthy residents of the city decided to equip a public park by purchasing the southern territories of Dortmund for this. At their expense, recreation areas were equipped and trees were planted. In the 20th century, the park complex was expanded by building a restaurant on the shore of the lake, building several dance areas and pavilions. During the Second World War, the object was almost completely destroyed. Money for its restoration was found in the 50s. Later in this grove, an international exhibition of gardens was held every year. In honor of such a grandiose event, the territory was also significantly increased by equipping new flower beds, getting rid of the dump of thickets. The modern Westfalenpark is one of the favorite places for outdoor walks for both visitors and residents of the city.

23. Signal Iduna Park

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Signal Iduna Park – football stadium in Dortmund Dmitrij Rodionov

According to FIFA, one of the most comfortable football centers in the world. The largest German stadium is used by Borussia for training and home meetings. The total number of spectators who can accommodate here at the same time is over 80,000 people. Note that during the competition, the stands of Signal Iduna Park never remain empty.

Official website: https://www.signal-iduna-park

24. Romberg-Park

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

A picturesque corner of the Dortmund botanical garden

The territory of this urban botanical garden, created at the beginning of the 19th century, is 65 hectares, which makes it the largest in the world. The complex was equipped in the 19th century thanks to the Romberg family. In the local greenhouses you can see about 4,500 flora samples: there are lemons and jasmines, exotic camellias and medicinal shrubs, ferns, palm trees and cacti. The territory of the garden is reserved for 4 greenhouses of a thousand squares each. Woody plants grow in a large arboretum. Walking along the flowery square, which even has a lake and palm terraces, you can feed numerous birds.

25. Phoenix See Lake

Dortmund Attractions: Top 25

Phoenix See lake at night in Dortmund Lucas Kaufmann

An artificial reservoir appeared on the territory of the former metallurgical plant Phoenix East. In the process of implementing the urban project for the reclamation of an abandoned industrial zone, an elite residential complex with developed infrastructure, a marina and a floating stage were built around the lake. Now the Phoenix See lake is the most popular recreational area among the citizens and guests of Dortmund.

We told you briefly about the main attractions of Dortmund, and we hope that they aroused your interest. Arriving in a hospitable city, be sure to find time to visit them. Read also about the sights of Dresden and get inspired for your next trip to Germany.

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