Direct flight and at a good price: a review of holidays in Egypt in April 2022

Direct flight and at a good price: a review of holidays in Egypt in April 2022

“We bought the tour in December, when prices had not yet skyrocketed. The rest was planned for the end of March, but after it all started, we realized that we would again be without a vacation, and the money would hang on the tour operator's deposit. They already wanted to rebook to other destinations or for the fall, but the manager contacted us and said that flights to Egypt had been resumed, and we could check in for the next flight on April 2. We took the tour for 90 thousand, and, surprisingly, we met this price when we issued a new ticket, there were no additional payments.” How he is now resting in Egypt – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Olga Kaminskaya. This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, full news and #tourist bear!


The flight was delayed for an hour due to bad weather in Moscow. Travel time is now 6.5 hours. Our friends from Minsk also flew to Egypt around these dates, it took them 8 hours to get to the resort! From Minsk they flew to Kazakhstan (refueling in Aktau, flew over the Caspian Sea, then over Georgia, over Turkey. The only changes are the hotel and resort: we planned to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh, to the Albatross, but flew to Hurghada at Hotelux Marina Beach Resort 4*.


We liked the hotel. The beach is nice, sandy, we swam even without slippers. But the underwater world, of course, is meager – this is not Sharm El Sheikh for you. It is better for him to go on excursions.

A few minuses of the hotel: it is not new, we changed the room three times (no surcharges). The food is good, but the fruit is completely useless – buy at the market, where they are inexpensive and very tasty. Of course, this hotel is not Albatross, but I really wanted to go to the sea. We still have a whole week of vacation ahead of us, we will relax and go on excursions. And, by the way, about sun protection: take the cream with you, here it is expensive and of terrible quality. Be careful and check the expiration dates: they sell an expired cream, sealing the date with a label.

The underwater world, of course, is scarce. This is not Sharm el-Sheikh for you.

In the first two days, we immediately got burned, the air temperature was not very high, there was little wind. Being in the sun was comfortable and not hot. We spent the whole day on the beach, in the sea and on the pier. In the morning I got up red, like boiled crayfish, I even had a fever and my throat began to hurt.

In general, for the next two days I hid on a balcony overlooking the sea, armed with Strepsils and Theraflu. We managed to buy 2 kg of strawberries in the market, which I successfully ate while sitting on the balcony. Be careful: the weather is very treacherous now, the spring sun in Egypt is very deceptive. 1/1


The hotel has the most vacationers from Belarus and Russia. There are other Europeans, but they usually sit in their own company, without interfering with others. Even the animation in the hotel in English and Russian is carried out at different times, probably to avoid conflicts. But in general, the atmosphere is quite calm. In the city they crossed paths with everyone: Poles, Ukrainians, British, Germans. People come here not to discuss politics, but to relax or, like some Ukrainians and Russians, stay here for a long time, wait until better times. It is quite safe to rest here, unless, of course, you have come to actively impose your political point of view, whatever it may be.

Animation in English and Russian is held at different times.


We paid for excursions on the spot, we had 300 USD with us – a home reserve for vacation. But the guide has the option of paying online or by transfer to a Russian card. The same payment method is also offered in some street agencies where there are Russian-speaking guides. You can also buy excursions in advance from the tour operator before arrival. It will not be much more expensive, excursions now, surprisingly, cost quite adequate money.

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