Did you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?


From August 1, 2019 to February 1, 2020, citizens of the Russian Federation can get Sri Lankan tourist visas absolutely free of charge at the airport of the island state! 

To quickly apply for a visa on arrival, you will need: 

– Valid passport. 

– Immigration card (the form can be taken at the airport). 

– Return tickets. In addition, hotel reservation documents and certificates of the applicant's solvency will be useful. 

Well, why not URGENTLY go on an author's tour to Sri Lanka, huh?


Getting there, of course , by plane, this is an island) The country's main host airport – Bandaranaike Airport – is located near Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka. & nbsp;

There are no direct regular flights from Moscow to Colombo, but there are Aeroflot and SriLankan Airlines charters during the high season (winter). This is about 8.5 hours of flight. 

However, many convenient flights with transfers are offered by at least the following foreign airlines: 

Qatar Airlines

Turkish Airlines
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Etihad Airlines

Emirates Air Arabia

The flight time, taking into account the docking, is 12-14 hours. Ticket price – from 28,000 rubles You can get from other Russian cities with the help of the FlyDubai low-cost airline, which operates flights to major Russian cities with a transfer in Dubai. Promotions and sales of tickets to Sri Lanka are carried out by airlines around March and October.


There are no sharp temperature fluctuations here, the difference between cold December and hot April is only a few degrees . The air temperature slightly exceeds the comfortable +30 degrees. The sea is warm, the water temperature in the ocean is +28°C. May to September is the rainy season. If you do not like to get wet, it is better to plan a tour to Sri Lanka for the winter and autumn months – they will please you with dry and warm weather.


Sigiriya – climb to the top of a huge rock, the top of which once served as a fortress, see magnificent landscapes, admire ancient cave paintings and learn more interesting facts from the history of the island. 

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy – visit the main Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, which contains a sacred relic – one of the 4 surviving teeth of the Buddha. 

GoldDambulla Temple – look at 73 Buddha statues covered in gold. Sinharaja Park – plunge into the pristine nature of the island in a unique rain forest. 

Adam's Peak – try your hand at climbing to a height of 2243 meters and see the “footprint of the Buddha” – a large cast on the surface of the rock, resembling a footprint. 

Hikkaduwa  – experience all kinds of beach activities. Galle – soak up the spirit of the ancient city, walk along the streets and enjoy the local flavor. 

Yala National Park – take part in a jeep safari and get to know the flora and fauna of the island. 

St. Clair Falls – admire the 80-meter waterfall among the tea plantations. 

Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations – learn the ancient secrets and traditions of tea making and admire the beauty of nature.


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The beaches of Sri Lanka are usually divided into three large regions – Western, Southern and Eastern. People usually go to Western beaches for hotel comfort, to Southern beaches for white sand and a pleasant atmosphere, and to Eastern beaches for an authentic experience in search of non-tourist places.


Huge, with golden sand. This part of the coast is the most developed on the island, the infrastructure includes a huge number of different hotels, villas and guest houses, although you can also find tiny pretty villages with wild beaches on the coast. The most popular beaches in the regions are Bentota and Hikkaduwa.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka – large sandy areas with a mass of different housing and infrastructure. Between the beaches and towns along the coast are many hotels and tiny villages offering guesthouses and homestays.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka is loved by surfers and adventurers. The beaches here are practically untouched, the infrastructure is practically not developed, the way of life of the coast is practically not affected by tourism. The most famous beaches of the coast are the southern Arugam Bay, beloved by surfers, and the lazy beaches of Upuwelli and Nilavelli (Trincomili district), in the northern part of the region.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?



It is rice pre-cooked in meat broth, wrapped in a banana leaf and baked with the rest of the meat/meatball curry rice and sambol chili sauce. Often chutney is added to it – a spicy sweet and sour mango sauce. Belongs to the “street” food category.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?


A very popular dish in Sri Lanka, consisting of chopped coconut cake mixed with fried vegetables (peppers, leeks, carrots), as well as various additives (eggs, cheese, meat). Used with red hot chili peppers. Served in both restaurants and street cafes.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?

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Thin, rigid bowl-shaped pancakes with raised edges, consisting of a fermented dough made from rice flour and coconut milk, most often fried, but also steamed. Served with egg, vegetables, Pol Sambol appetizer (spicy coconut-chili appetizer salad), or with sweet additives. Hoppers can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?


Dal curry is a soup of boiled red lentils boiled in coconut milk, fried onions, garlic, tomatoes and green chili peppers with spices and lime juice. Can be used as a vegetarian dish on its own or as part of curry rice.

Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?


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General name for snacks, there are a huge number of varieties . Sambol often includes finely grated coconut, dried small Maldivian fish, red onion, chili and lime juice. Sambol came to Sri Lanka from Indonesia from the island of Java and has become an integral part of the cuisine of Sri Lanka. 


Do you already know that you no longer need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka Visa Beaches Tour

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