Danner Boots Review: Women’s Mountain Light Cascade – The Travel Hack

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

I’ve been wearing Danner boots for three years now, and I thought it was finally time to write a review of them!

It’s very nice, but so expensive that many people ask if it’s worth it. Danner boots look a little different than modern hiking boots, so I’m often asked if you can actually hike in these boots or if they just look pretty?

So today we are here to tell you more about these beautiful boots and answer all your questions!

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

Let me tell you a little about Danner Boots

Danner is a boot manufacturer based in Portland, USA that is particular about superior craftsmanship. Yes, I took an excerpt from the website, but basically I mean it’s really well made.

I first learned about this brand when Reese Witherspoon wore Danner boots in the movie “Wild.” The bright red laces on these boots caught my eye and immediately grabbed my attention. Reese Witherspoon hikes more than 1,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Despite the tough story, she looks great in these boots!

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

Danner Boots Review: Women’s Mountain Light Cascade

Reese Witherspoon wore Danner’s tanned leather Mountain Light Cascade with red laces. So when Danner asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair, of course I chose the Mountain Light Cascade!

These are iconic boots that appeared in the 1970s. The Mountain Light Cascade boots are made from one-piece full-grain leather with red flat laces and Danner’s rugged Vibram Kletterlift outsole. The leather is a gorgeous color and weathers over time to give it a tougher but equally gorgeous look. Featuring his Dri-Lex® liner, which is highly breathable and quick-drying, it is suitable for both hot and cold environments, making it an all-rounder.

Although the boots I have are not waterproof, they have kept my feet warm and dry during many wet hikes. There’s also another version of this boot, which is waterproof and costs an extra £13.

They’re a classic boot because they’re sturdy enough to climb mountains, yet stylish enough to take you to classy country pubs and city streets. Style it with classic outdoor attire, jeans, or a gorgeous long wool coat for a glamorous outdoor look.

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

Do the Mountain Light Cascade boots give you blisters?

Before I continue with this review, I have to be honest and say that it took me a very long time to wear these boots!

I have friends who saw my boots and bought the same boots, and they have never had any blisters or pain from Danner boots. But hey, I ended up getting blisters every 10 times I wore them!

In fact, it was so painful that I could barely wear it for the first year. Even with thick ski socks on, it hurts a lot. I take it out of the cupboard every few months hoping it will soften, but it never lasts very long.

Then one day I put it on and it felt like it was made just for me!

I don’t know how long this process took, but it was enough to last me 10 days.

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

Danner Mountain Light Cascade review

I tried these boots on and they are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. At first it felt a little lumpy and heavy, but I quickly got used to it and now love how solid and durable it feels. Tough is the best word for them! It has a nice, heavy feel to it and is very different from the lightweight hiking trainers I’m used to.

There is no risk of your ankle wobbling while wearing these boots, and they provide good support around your ankle.

When lacing your shoes, you should take a moment to tighten them tightly and make sure they wrap tightly around the clasp. At this time, you should also make sure that the tongue of the boot is in the correct position. Otherwise, it will slide to the side and cause discomfort on the side of your ankle. However, once you get used to wearing it correctly, it won’t bother you at all.

The Danner Mountain Lite Cascade’s sole is thick and grippy, giving you peace of mind when hiking in slippery conditions.

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

The chunky style

As I mentioned above, the chunky, rugged style felt a little awkward to me at first. I’ve never owned such thick boots before, and they almost felt strange while I was driving. My legs felt heavy!

But what I loved about these boots so much was their chunky style, and I love how they can be the focal point of an outfit. Yes, it looks big with tight hiking leggings, but I love the look!

I’m writing this for people who aren’t used to wearing chunky boots. It may feel strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to it and love it!

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

What do I wear my Danner boots for?

I wear them for various purposes!

I’ve taken this on three ski vacations and worn it around the resort. I wear them on hikes, leisurely walks in the countryside with my kids, on the school run, when it’s raining or when I’m out shopping.

But I mostly wear them when I want to look outdoorsy and nice at the same time.

So I said, I wear these boots mainly because they feel beautiful, not because they’re high-tech and authentic.

I wore it in Norway while exploring the Norwegian fjords, and during an incredible arctic adventure in Finnish Lapland.

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

Are the Mountain Light Cascade boots true to size?

I usually wear a size 5 or 5.5, but I’m wearing a 5.5. I think I chose a slightly larger size in order to wear thicker hiking socks. It fit perfectly, but I wish it was a 5 because I wanted it to be a little tighter. The website actually says this, so I wish I hadn’t gotten so excited and read it all first!

How much does the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boot cost?

Current price is £283.03.


Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

Are Danner boots worth the cost?

And the next question on everyone’s mind…is it worth the cost?

Of course, this answer varies from person to person!

I think it says a lot that three years later I’m still wearing my Danner boots, and most importantly, I still love them. It’s such a classic style that I don’t think it will ever go out of style, so I think I’ll still be wearing it 10 years from now. Maybe even 20 years from now!?

A cheap pair of fairly good hiking boots will cost at least £100, and a cheap pair of fairly good everyday boots will cost around £100. So paying £300 for a shoe that will definitely last over 10 years seems like a great investment to me.

One of my favorite things about Danner boots is that they can be remade. This is a service provided by Danner that will restore your old boots to look like new again.

In a world of cheap and disposable fashion, I think this is a really great service and I would love to see more brands do this.

Danner Boot Review: Women's Mountain Light Cascade - Travel Hack

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