Clear sea, beautiful nature, food like in a school canteen: a review of a budget holiday in the Abkhazian boarding house “Myussera”

Clear sea, beautiful nature, food like in a school cafeteria: a review of a budget holiday in the Abkhazian boarding house «Myussera»

“We visited Abkhazia more than once in one day from Sochi, so the lack of infrastructure, the state of the roads, and the hotel base were not a shock and discovery for us. We knew where we were going and why: beyond the clear sea, deserted wild beaches and natural beauties. And that's all we got during our trip.” A reader of “Subtleties” under the nickname Natasha1991 shares her impressions of the holiday. A week of rest cost us 42 thousand, this is with a flight to Sochi and a transfer. We booked in advance, back in the spring, so it turned out to be more budgetary. Now, I think, there are no places for the next month, there are a lot of vacationers.

Boarding house

We rested in the boarding house named after. N. Lakoba Myussera, it is located in the village of Myussera, in an area with magnificent nature (this is the Pitsundo-Myussera Reserve). There is no civilization around for 10–15 km, only the dachas of Stalin and Gorbachev, and I think they would not choose a bad place to relax.

In order to bring down people who think that everyone owes them everything, I will say right away: there are other rules in Abkhazia. Either you accept them, or better not visit this country.

Rooms and meals

The number of rooms is very old, the atmosphere of the Soviet Union, but it will even be interesting for someone to stay here for a few days and feel for themselves how our grandparents rested (and not all of them: this is a former boarding house of the KGB of the USSR). Meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – are very simple, like in a school canteen, but the service is quite modern and convenient: a buffet. For goodies, you can go to a bar on the beach or a restaurant, where Caucasian cuisine, inexpensive wine, champagne and chacha. 1/1

Swimming pool, beach

The boarding house has an indoor pool and a sauna, but we did not dare to go there, although many the guests praised; They say it's clean and there are no people. There is a gym, water aerobics is held in the pool (by appointment).

The path to the beach is very convenient, there is a gentle path through the forest in the territory where cicadas chirp almost around the clock. But the best way to get to the beach is the elevator, from the turret of which you can enjoy amazing views. There are umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach, and Penguin Cafe right next to the elevator.

In the mornings, after breakfast, they gather on the beach for morning exercises or other sporting events. A small tent has been opened selling beach accessories, towels, masks and inflatable toys. There is a shower, a toilet, a place for washing feet.1/1

Things to do

There is also some kind of leisure for children and adults: a library, painting lessons (we were touched when we saw a group of pensioners with their grandchildren who went out to the beach in the evening to paint the sea). People are all friendly, sociable, they always wish good morning, advise excursions, share their impressions. There are many walking paths in the vicinity, you can walk to the Musser temple of the 8th-9th centuries on the Ambara River. Also nearby are the dachas of Stalin and Gorbachev: there is an excursion for 300 RUB, children are free.

If you are without a car, it will be difficult and expensive to travel somewhere. From the boarding house a couple of times a week there is a bus to Gudauta, 500 RUB per person. Everyone basically goes to the market to buy groceries. There is a shop on the territory of the boarding house, but there is nothing to buy there, except for water and canned food.

For me, this is not the place where you want to return again and again, but for a change it is quite possible to visit here. I advise it to those who travel to Abkhazia by car on their own and are planning a rich excursion program. And here you can stop by for a few days to relax from the hustle and bustle and swim in the clear sea on a well-equipped beach.

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