Bus with tourists overturned in Hurghada, there are victims

A bus with tourists overturned in Hurghada, there are victims

Last Thursday, a terrible accident occurred in Egypt. A bus full of foreign tourists overturned on the highway, following the Hurghada airport from the resort of Safaga. There are dead and wounded. The incident was reported by the Egyptian media.

It was clarified that the tourists were heading to the airport of the tourist city of Hurghada on the Red Sea to return home after the end of the holiday. However, something happened on the 40-kilometer stretch of road, the bus turned over and remained lying on the side of the road. Probably the driver fell asleep or lost control. As a result, three tourists from Poland and the driver were killed, 11 people were injured.

Ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident. All victims were taken to hospitals. The nationality of the other passengers was not reported. A report was drawn up on the fact of the accident, the prosecutor's office was instructed to investigate.

Dangerous Egypt had a reputation as a resort country with bad roads: traffic rules are either not observed or observed, but not by everyone, roads may not be repaired for a long time, and drivers of tourist buses, forced to spend 15-20 hours behind the wheel, are expected to fall asleep on the way, creating emergency situations.

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