Boston Attractions: Top 25

Boston Attractions: Top 25

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Boston is the “cradle of freedom”, the capital of Massachusetts, the historical origins of America began with it. Kilometers of streets trodden here and visits to the sights of Boston are transformed into emotions, impressions, thoughts. They confidently talk about the emergence and formation of the country. Despite the huge number of historical monuments, the city is by no means “preserved” in time. Regardless of the purpose of the visit, any traveler will choose for himself what to see in Boston and its environs.

What to see in Boston in the first place

There are entire neighborhoods with historic buildings that still have the spirit of the good old New England. Let's list the best sights of Boston, mysterious, cozy and beautiful in its own way.

1. Massachusetts State Capitol

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Massachusetts State Capitol Building on Beacon Hill

An important, eye-catching building is located above the Boston Common. Made in red with a white colonnade over the arches, it is interesting with a gilded dome. The layer of gold leaf applied to its surface is so thin that it transmits light. The top of the building is crowned with a pine cone as proof of the importance of the timber industry for the country's economy.

Official website: https://malegislature

2. Boston Tea Party Museum

Boston Attractions : Top 25

The Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston Harbor on the Congress Street Bridge

What a trip to England without real English tea! The museum's expositions will tell about the history and traditions associated with the ceremony of English tea drinking. After the theatrical performance, visitors can see the ship, then the surprises prepared in accordance with the tour, and at the end the ceremony itself.

Official website: https://www.bostonteapartyship

3. Sailing ship USS Constitution

Boston Attractions: Top 25

The oldest sailing ship USS Constitution of the late 18th century

The oldest military frigate is a landmark in Boston. Most of the time it stands in a dry dock on props; it was last launched into the water in 1997. Today it works as a museum. Even if it is closed, you will enjoy it even without getting on board, the ship looks so mesmerizing.

4. Public garden

Boston Attractions: Top 25

The equestrian statue of George Washington in the Public Garden in Boston

The park is organized in the style of an English landscape. It's always crowded here. Squirrels, many birds, especially ducks, scurry around the territory every now and then. You can ride a boat in the pond. Wedding couples often choose this place for photo shoots. Separate recommendations of tourists relate to having a picnic right on the grass of the park, like many English families.

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5 Boston Common Central Park

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Aerial view of the central public park Boston Common AbhiSuryawanshi

The world's first public park has well-deserved reviews due to its huge, well-groomed grounds. Concerts, competitions, protest actions of citizens are constantly held here. In a remote part of the park is the Boston Central Cemetery with the graves of famous personalities in England.

Official website:

See magnificent views Boston in this beautiful video!

6. Arnold Arboretum

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum in springtime

There is something to see in Boston for fans of the art of landscape design. James Arnold was a whaling merchant who bequeathed his property to Harvard University. The foundation of the arboretum was his last will. Among the 7 thousand varieties of plants in the collection are original specimens growing in an interestingly designed landscape: meadows, valleys, hills, mountain formations.

Official website: https://www. arboretum.

7. New England Holocaust Memorial

Boston Attractions: Top 25

The glass towers of the New England Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Boston

Considering before the trip the sights of Boston photos with names and descriptions, you will definitely stop at this memorial. This is a tribute to the memory of 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust. The structure consists of 6 glass towers, built according to the number of largest death camps. The place evokes respectful reverence, especially when you feel the breath of air passing through the bars at the base of the towers and symbolizing the breath of the dead.

Official website:< /p>

8. Old North Church

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Old North Church or Christ Church in Boston

Any tourist review contains this powerful Georgian building, one of the oldest in the city. It was on its spire that the church sexton hung lanterns on his famous ride at midnight to warn everyone of the arrival of the British. The bottom of the building is painted in brick color, the top, together with the spire, is white. This is one of the objects on the Freedom Trail.

Official website:

9. Trinity Church

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Trinity Church on Copley Square among residential buildings in Boston

Your trip to Boston should not be complete without visiting this place. Outwardly, the building looks like a fabulous tower with massive towers and heavy stone arches, its interior is not inferior in beauty: huge stained-glass windows depicting the life of Christ, golden bas-reliefs with biblical scenes, a pulpit decorated with carvings. The temple is active.

Official website: https://trinitychurchboston

10. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Boston Attractions: Top 25

The building of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the style of the 15th century Venetian palazzo Biruitorul

We will recommend what to visit in Boston for connoisseurs of beauty. This is a private art gallery located in two buildings. During the construction of the modern building, glass was mainly used, so it turned out to be light, with a lot of open space. Master classes are held in the educational studio. The second building does not look very presentable. But in the courtyard there is a stunning garden with an extensive collection of art objects and a year-round climate. From the amazing – a collection of works by Sargent.

Official website: https://www.gardnermuseum

11. Museum of Fine Arts

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Works of fine arts in the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts Smart Destinations

Another recommendation for where to go in Boston. The museum owes its creation to the residents of the city: it was founded on their initiative, and local entrepreneurs and scientists replenished the exhibitions with interesting objects. Today, it features more than 1 million exhibits from various periods.

Official website:

12. Museum of Science< /h3>

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Science Museum at Science Park on the banks of the Charles River

The museum exposition includes about 500 interactive exhibits on medicine, astronomy, natural history, 100 rare species of animals and a lot of interesting exhibits, for example, a model of the solar system. In the presentation halls, they will talk about the history and prospects of our planet, and in special rooms they will show interesting experiments. There is an IMAX cinema and a planetarium on site.

Official website:

13. Boston Public Library

Boston Attractions: Top 25 25

Boston Public Library entrance

The library acquired an exorbitantly high rating thanks to huge funds. Here you can take literature, even without being a local resident. The architecture of the building and the cozy atmosphere inside fascinate. In the open green patio you can read or have a snack in the air.

Official website:

14. Presidential Library- John F. Kennedy Museum

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Library Museum of the 35th US President John F. Kennedy Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Despite the name, the library is dedicated not only to the famous president and his wife. A tourist here will learn about the history of America in the period of the 50-60s of the last century, see interior items of that time, typewriters, board games, election paraphernalia, gifts from leaders of other countries.

Official website:

15. Harvard University

Boston Attractions: Top 25

The historic building of Harvard University on the territory of Cambridge

The legendary Harvard University with a huge competition. In order to enter here, extraordinary abilities are needed. The “property” of the university is great: 18 thousand students, 10 faculties, its own forest, a botanical garden, several museums and a library, the largest in the world. By the way, the ceremony of awarding the Ig Nobel Prize is taking place here. Official website:

16. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Boston Attractions: Top 25

One of the buildings on the MIT campus institute

The Institute is located in Cambridge, not far from Boston. It deservedly occupies the first position among the most prestigious educational institutions of the world in general and the States in particular. The building of one of the buildings of the institute is made in a bizarre form in the style of architectural deconstructivism (remember the “Dancing House” in Prague). The buildings are numbered, this one is number 32. There are interesting laboratories in this building.

Official site:

17. Path of Freedom

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Boston Freedom Trail Memorial User:Drork

If your travel preferences relate exclusively to history, then we will advise what to see in Boston in 1 day. With this red brick trail, the historic city will be accessible in just a few hours. Moving along it, you can immediately see 16 iconic places related to history. The trail starts in the Boston Common, and a special application will help you not to go astray.

Official website: http://www.thefreedomtrail

18. Old The Capitol

Attractions Boston: Top 25

The brick building of the Old Capitol against the backdrop of the skyscrapers of Boston

Many excursions in Boston lead to this historic building, the oldest in the city, as it operates in the format of a museum. It is located on the Freedom Trail and shows visitors various historical exhibits, although not in very large numbers. The reconstructed chamber of the Boston governor is interesting. The building is an example of the Georgian architectural style.

Official website: https://www.bostonhistory

19. Faneuil Hall

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Samuel Adams Monument and Faneuil Hall, a large shopping center

This is not only a shopping center, but also a historical monument, endowed with the status of a historical and cultural landmark of America. On the first floor there are shops with all kinds of goods, on the second floor there is a conference hall. 11th point on the Freedom Trail.

Official site:https://faneuilhallmarketplace

20. New England Aquarium

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Boston Waterfront New England Aquarium

There are interesting places in Boston that are not directly related to history. The building itself has an original oval shape. A huge cylindrical aquarium is entangled in a spiral staircase. Moving along it, you can observe marine animals settled at the same levels in which they live in their natural habitat. In the shallow lagoon, tactile contact with animals is allowed. There is an IMAX cinema in the building.

Official website:

Boston attractions: what else to visit in Boston?< /h2>

Hospitable hotels in Boston offer different pricing policies, but are united by one feature: excellent service. Let's briefly list the main attractions of Boston for those who are going to stay here for a short time.

21. Quincy Market

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Shops and Restaurants at Boston's Quincy Market

For an introduction to city life, the best alternative to restaurants is the local market, where you can taste the same delicacies, only at a more pleasant price. Here are the most popular cuisines with dishes for every taste. Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, fruits, seafood, flour products. Truly a gastronomic paradise!

Official website: https://faneuilhallmarket

22. Fenway Park

Boston Attractions: Top 25

Fenway Park – baseball stadium near Kenmore Square in Boston Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Baseball lovers – here. Great place, home of the Boston RedSox. It's a crime to be in Boston and not go to the RedSox. Even if you are not familiar with the rules of the game, it is interesting to observe the traditions of English fans and feel the atmosphere of the stands.

Official website:

23. TD Garden

Boston Attractions: Top 25

TD Garden Indoor Sports Complex in downtown Boston User:Ktr101

Another place for sports fans is an indoor sports complex in the city center with a hall with a capacity of more than 17.5 thousand spectators. Several eminent basketball and hockey teams “live” here at once. In addition to matches, the complex hosts concerts by world-famous performers. So, Boston Garden had the honor to host Madonna and the Rolling Stones.

Official website:

24. Granari Cemetery

Boston Attractions : Top 25

Tombstones of the oldest Granary cemetery on Tremont Street in Boston

Guides in Boston will advise you to visit the ancient cemetery, they will also guide you along the Freedom Trail. Famous people are buried here. The location of the cemetery is unusual, in the center of the city. Surrounded by skyscrapers, tombstones make a mysterious impression, suggesting the meaning of life.

Official website:

25. Boston Light Lighthouse

Boston Landmarks: Top 25

Boston Light Lighthouse on Little Brewster Island operates automatically

The 28 m high lighthouse, since its construction in 1787, stopped working only during the Second World War . For two and a half centuries, it has been regularly illuminating the sea route to Boston Bay. The oldest in the United States, it is a National Historic Landmark.

It is worth coming to Boston to see how New England began, to feel its spirit. Read also about the sights of Chicago and get inspired for your next trip around the USA.

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