Became known the plans of the Russians to rest during the May holidays

Russians' plans for holidays during the May holidays became known

A minimum of tourists are ready to travel for the May holidays – the total number of those who plan trips, both in Russia and abroad milestone reached only 20%. Basically, tourists do not build plans beyond their own sofa – or, at best, summer cottages. Such data was shown by a survey of the service, which found out what plans the Russians are building for the May holidays. 1,835 people took part in the survey.

It turned out that the number of those who gathered somewhere for vacation is quite small. Only 6% were going to go to Russian sea resorts, another 6% – on a sightseeing tour inside the country, another 2% were going to the mountains. In addition, 6% even plan to go on holiday abroad. And that potential tourists turned out to be only 20%.

This is about the same – and even a little less – than the number of those who gathered to relax “at home on the couch”. 21% of respondents voted for this option. Twice as many – or 41% plan to relax in the country. The remaining 18% will have to work during the May holidays.

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