Attractions in The Hague: Top 26

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

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Sights in the Netherlands are represented by a huge, invaluable cultural and architectural heritage. The European spirit hovers in the magical air of the country, so there are a lot of detailed answers to the question of what to see in The Hague.

What to see in The Hague in the first place?

The residence of the government of the country, the capital of the southern part of the kingdom, as well as an amazing European city with architectural ensembles of past centuries. Guests of the city will be able to enjoy the perfect “symbiosis” of the country's cultural wealth, as well as visit many modern entertainment centers and places.

1. Binnenhof

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Binnenhof Castle or “patio” on the lake in the center of The Hague CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

The main sights of The Hague can be briefly described as a huge complex of ancient buildings of the past centuries. Binnenhof is, first of all, the cultural heritage of the city, and only then the building in which the main legislative body of the country, the States General, gathers. The historical past of this place dates back to the distant 13th century, when the Dutch count Floris IV ordered the construction of a small hunting castle here, which would later become the basis for the great city of The Hague. In addition, the Binnenhof complex today houses the residence of the prime minister of the kingdom, Mark Rutte.

2. Ridderzaal

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Knight's hall in the Gothic style with a triangular facade and two towers along edges of F.Eveleens

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Throne of the Monarchs of the Netherlands (right) in the Gothic Hall Ridderzaal Roel Wijnants-roel1943

There is no doubt that the sights of The Hague are actually filled with the spirit and atmosphere of the glorious knightly past of this corner of Europe. Being an integral part of the Binnenhof, the “Knight's Hall” annually hosts hundreds of festive events that are dedicated to the arrival of leaders from neighboring countries and beyond. Moreover, before the start of the working season of the Estates General, Monarch Willem-Alexander opens the session with his welcoming speech. The interior of the castle is represented by luxurious inlaid decorative elements, stained-glass windows, as well as a unique, inimitable round window, which is commonly called the “Rose”.

3. Peace Palace

< p>The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Peace Palace in a park in the center of The Hague Velvet

Perhaps the trip of every legal tourist should undoubtedly begin with a visit to this place. The Peace Palace is the permanent seat of the International Court of Justice, as well as the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the palace received its modern look thanks to the financial injections of the famous American multimillionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The palace is located in a park of 7 hectares. The interior of the building is represented by many decorative elements that demonstrate the richness of world cultures.

Official website: https://www.vredespaleis

4. Old Town Hall< /h3>

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

The old town hall with a tower on the Grenmarkt street in The Hague Voogd075

The best sights of The Hague, without a doubt, in one way or another are connected with the Renaissance and the Early Middle Ages. For example, the “Ice Palace” – this is how the building is called by the locals – in previous centuries served as the seat of the local government, and after some time solemn events of marriage, as well as the registration of royal persons, are already held here.

5. Church of St. Jacob

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Church of St. Jacob or the Great Church in The Hague Michielverbeek

If the time of stay in the city is strictly limited, then the Church of St. James is a place that is desirable to visit in The Hague in the first place. The Great Church (the second name of the temple) is the traditional place where newborn royals of the Netherlands are baptized. In addition, along with the Binnenhoff, the church is the oldest building in the city. An indicative feature of the temple is considered to be a hexagonal tower, which, however, is not quite characteristic of the local architectural culture.

Watch the beautiful places of The Hague in this wonderful video!

6. Voorhout Street

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

The old lime trees of the famous Lange Voorhout street in the center of the Old Town of Ben Bender

In the very center of the Old Town, there is a quiet, cozy Voorhout alley. A long, magically beautiful path, lined with old and extremely beautiful lime trees, which are more than five hundred years old. The alley, strewn with authentic lanterns with golden crowns, offers the tourist a journey into the era of the exquisite and unique Middle Ages. It is noteworthy that it is on Voorhout Street that the head of state delivers thanksgiving and welcoming speeches every year.

7. Plain

Attractions in The Hague: Top 26

Statue of Wilhelm I on Place Plain against the backdrop of the Rene city skyscrapers mensen

The tourist dilemma: “What to see in The Hague in 1 day” can be solved by one place only – Plein Square, which, oddly enough, means “square” in translation. The historical features of this place are that in the distant Middle Ages there was a court garden and a garden. Thus, several centuries later, this place was converted into a square, and even later a monument to William of Orange was erected here. An attractive feature of the square is the presence on it in the summer of many retail outlets and local cafes. The decoration of the city immediately transforms into a colorful spring bouquet.

8. Scheveningen

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

The long sandy beach of the resort area Scheveningen on the North Sea coast Zairon

Interesting places in The Hague are concentrated in the coastal resort area of ​​Scheveningen. Here, the shallow North Sea washes the shores of the city's beaches. Entertainment services are presented in the form of windsurfing, kitesurfing. This area has not only a huge beach, but also many cultural and entertainment venues.

Official website: https://scheveningenbeach

9. Pier Scheveningen

Attractions The Hague: Top 26

View of the unusual design of the Scheveningen pier and the 60-meter observation tower

The rating of the multi-level structure of Scheveningen among the locals is simply off scale. From here you can enjoy the majestic beauty of the sea. The amazing seascape can be enjoyed from the pier. Built at the end of the 20th century, the pier is constantly exposed to the physical processes of decomposition and corrosion. At the moment, there is a threat of destruction of this attraction. However, the efforts of the local authorities are aimed at the speedy restoration of the Scheveningen pier.

10. Madurodam Miniature Park

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

The territory of the miniature park Madurodam in The Hague Cqui

The countless excursions in The Hague, which allow you to imagine many places of amazing beauty, unfortunately place the miniature park in a low degree of priority. However, among the park-museums of this type, “Madurodam” is the perfect leader because of the skillful beauty and sophistication. The park presents small copies of elements of architecture, nature and street decoration. Thanks to the combination of many architectural sights of Holland in the museum-park, Madurodam attracts tourists with its uniqueness and beauty.

Official website: https://www.madurodam

< h3> 11. Circus Theatre

Sights of The Hague: Top 26

Facade of the Circus Theater at night in Scheveningen Christopher A. Dominic

The sights of The Hague, including in the above-mentioned area of ​​the city of Scheveningen, are distinguished by their diversity and natural beauty of forms. The construction of the local theater began in the early 20th century. Over the past century, the theater has hosted hundreds of performances and theatrical mysteries. Moreover, the recital of the famous pianist Arthur Rubinstein brought the inhabitants of The Hague into genuine admiration. It is noteworthy that today the theater is a venue for the world-famous vocal show “X-factor”

12. Amrath Kurhaus Grand Hotel

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Grand Hotel “Amrath Kurhaus” next to the beach in the resort of Scheveningen Hamiyet

Hotels in Holland are an integral part of the country's culture. Residential complexes for tourists are filled with an atmosphere of home comfort and hospitality. A feature of the Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus is its unique location. So, a five-star residential complex is located near the North Sea. Guests of the hotel can freely access both the sandy beach and the Scheveningen Pier. Immeasurable luxury and elite rooms are brief but revealing characteristics of this hotel.

Official website: https://www.amrathkurhaus

13. Passage< /h3>

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Fashion boutiques under a glass roof in the Venetian style in the Passage Zairon shopping center

Numerous reviews of satisfied tourists are directed to a place that is a piece of French culture in the Dutch Hague. The majestic beauty of the building is achieved thanks to the successful combination of the architectural styles of the Renaissance and Expressionism. This is an amazingly French place. Here, visitors are offered to look into luxurious, expensive French boutiques. Luxurious shining rotunda introduces genuine delight and admiration, and the atmosphere of aristocratic luxury complements the created image.

Official website: https://www.depassage

14 Noordeinde Palace

Sights of The Hague: Top 26

Equestrian statue of William the Quiet in front of the gates of Noordeinde Palace in The Hague by Patrick Rasenberg

The sights of the Netherlands are a fairly generalized description of the many architectural masterpieces that are located within the kingdom. The Golden Age filled The Hague with many perfect cultural attractions, among which the royal palace of Noordeinde stands out. The building is striking in the beauty of the Dutch classical architectural style. During the current reign of the King of the Netherlands, the palace serves as the king's permanent working residence. In addition, diplomatic receptions are held at this place for the heads of the allied states of the kingdom.

15. Huis-ten-Bos Palace

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

The alley in front of the Huis ten Bos palace in the middle The Hague-Bos park in the north of The Hague Ruben de Rijcke

The palace ensemble Huis-ten-Bos on the outskirts of The Hague is the permanent residence of the royal family. In the beauty of countryside nature, family members spend weekends and holidays in this place. The Dutch classical architectural style gives the building an air of genuine aristocratic perfection. By the way, almost every tourist knows that many ruling dynasties of the country and their leaders prefer the comfort and privacy of a country palace to the noisy streets of the central The Hague.

16. Mauritshuis

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Banner “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by J. Vermeer on the facade of the Mauritshuis Demeester Gallery

The perfection of this place is reinforced by the original purpose of the building. The work of Jacob van Kampen is, first of all, an exquisite and moderately classical building, which is used as a royal art gallery. A museum that guides in The Hague will definitely not lose sight of.

Official website: https://www.mauritshuis

17. Escher Museum


The Hague Attractions: Top -26

The museum exposition in the building of the Lange Voorhout Palace is dedicated to the work of M. K. Escher Andrew Crump

The well-known Dutch artist and graphic artist Mariutz Escher, whose works are presented in the museum, would truly admire the beauty of this small building. In the past, it was the residence of the future queen of the Netherlands. Today, it has been significantly redesigned and transformed into an exhibition center for the artist's masterpieces.

Official website: https://www.escherinhetpaleis

18. Louvmann Museum

The Hague Attractions: Top 26 In case the tour group is filled with skilled antique car enthusiasts, the question of what to see next in The Hague is officially closed. The Evert Louwman collection is filled with antique cars from different years of the last century, as well as automotive components for various purposes.

Official website: https://www.louwmanmuseum

19 Panorama of Mesdag

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Fragment of the panorama of the fishing village of Scheveningen in the 19th century by the artist Mesdach Hans Splinter

The strong recommendations of local residents to visit the panorama are not unfounded. A width of 120 m and a length of 14 will provide guests with a stream of fresh emotions and impressions. The picture describes the past, cloudless life of the inhabitants of the small coastal village of Scheveningen.

Official website: http://www.panorama-mesdag

20. Municipal Museum< /h3>

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Till Niermann Art Deco Fountain at The Hague Municipal Museum

If, after arriving in the country, a genuine art critic is tormented by the question of what to visit in the Netherlands, the answer to it can only be given by the municipal museum of The Hague. A huge, immense collection of works in the field of arts and crafts, musical art and fashion will introduce the guests of the city into a state of true amazement and enthusiastic joy.

Official website: https://www.gemeentemuseum

The Hague attractions: what else to see in The Hague?

The outstanding sights of Holland, the photo with the names and descriptions that are listed above, have not yet come to an end. Huge and vast, The Hague contains many more cultural secrets that undoubtedly should be unraveled.

21. Muzeon Museum

Attractions in The Hague: Top 26

Exhibits of the research and educational center for children Museon, Den Haag

Museon is a place that is famous for its rich collection of rare exhibits of dinosaurs and extinct animals. The museum building presents exhibitions in the field of biology, ethnology, history and many other natural sciences.

Official website: https://www.museon.

22. Prison Gate

Sights of The Hague: Top 26

A fragment of the collection of the Museum “Prison Gates” in The Hague -JvL-

An overview of the gate museum can be arranged several pages ahead. However, it is better to see this ancient building once, or even more. The centuries-old history of the gate is such that once this building was the main entry point to the Binnenhof Castle.

Official website: https://www.gevangenpoort

23. Sea Sculpture Museum

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Original iron sculptures in the open air in The Hague Gerardus

The peculiarity of this underground museum is that it specializes exclusively in sculpture. The exposition of the museum contains sculptural masterpieces of both domestic masters and works of foreign sculptors.

Official website: http://beeldenaanzee

24. Westbrook Park


The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Blooming roses in the Westbrook park in The Hague Roger Veringmeier

The Westbrook park area is a place where the freshness and purity of nature are successfully combined with medieval sculptures. A walk in the park area will allow you to defuse emotional tension after a long walk in The Hague.

Official website:

25. The Hague Forest

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

The beautiful natural landscape of the park in the central part of The Hague Jensbn~commonswiki

​​The forest of The Hague is, above all, the realm of genuine natural beauty. Broad-leaved trees, rare plants of the region fill the air in the forest with the healing aroma of foliage and ozone.

26. Clingendale Park

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Dutch Garden in Clingendale Park in The Hague Goodness Shamrock

The Hague Attractions: Top 26

Garden gazebo for meditation and a bridge over the stream in the Japanese Garden of Clingendale Park Lybil BER

district. The garden of the park combines several zones, including the Dutch and Japanese gardens. The Japanese garden has a charming atmosphere of the Far East.

Official website:

Europe is the territory of the priceless historical heritage of architecture, sculpture and music . The Hague is an integral part of the great historical “Eldorado” of Old Europe. Read also about the sights of Rotterdam and get inspired for your next trip to the Netherlands.

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