Attractions in Peru: Top 20

Peru Attractions: Top 20

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There is one mysterious country in South America. It is special in that it keeps the mysteries of ancient civilizations, and on its territory there are many monuments belonging to the era of the great Inca Empire. Now the main question: what to see in Peru? This is what we will look into. Below are the most significant sights of Peru.

What to see in Peru in the first place?

As in any country, in the described republic there are the best sights and those that you can get acquainted with leave for later. Those who have such information will have a great time.

1. Machu Picchu

Peru's top 20 attractions

View of Mount Huayna Picchu and the ruins of Machu Picchu

Be sure any tourist who arrives in Peru needs to get acquainted with one of the specimens representing the most amazing buildings of America in ancient times. The unique place is permeated through with historical splendor and originality – the lost city is covered with many secrets and legends. This object was once included in the UNESCO list, after which it was named the New Wonder of the World and is included in the list of the most beautiful places in the world. The city was discovered in 1911 by a professor from Yale University. It is interesting to know that Machu Picchu is not the name of the city itself, it is only a mountain peak that is located nearby. The settlement itself is divided into sectors, each was assigned its own role, namely cemeteries, dungeons, temples and a residential area.

Official website: http://www.machupicchu.< /p>

2. Colca Canyon

Peru's top 20 attractions

Panorama of the canyon of the Kolka River

This landmark of Peru is a river valley flowing in the south of the republic, namely 160 km southwest of Arequipa. The name comes from the language of the Quechua Indians, in literal translation it means “grain barn”. In the valley you can see many stepped terraces – andenes, they indicate that the ancient peoples of Peru actively developed agriculture. A trip to the canyon will definitely be memorable, if only because it is located in the ring of high volcanoes, the height of some even exceeds 6 thousand meters. Also, attention is drawn to the Condor Cross, birds from the family of American vultures flying over the canyon.

3. Nazca

Peru's top 20 attractions

Mysterious lines in the Peruvian Nazca desert

What to see in Peru in 1 day? An excellent option is one of the most amazing places with a touch of mysticism on the entire planet Earth. The desert gained worldwide fame due to the presence of giant mysterious lines. If you look at them from a bird's eye view, one gets the impression that quite realistic images were created by the efforts of a gigantic master. Even more amazing is the number of these drawings, there are more than 30 identifiable drawings on the territory, about 700 pieces. geometric shapes, and lines and stripes are generally countless. This landmark of Peru is one of the most visited, people from all over the world come to see it.

4. Lake Titicaca

Peru's top 20 attractions

Landscape of Alpine Lake Titicaca

It is located in the highlands, namely on the border between Bolivia and the described republic. The lake has not only an unusual name, but by and large it is a piece of the ancient ocean, raised to a dizzying height. This explains the ocean fauna, a large number of various marine invertebrate fish live in the lake, even sharks are no exception. The area is one of the best attractions, because in the vicinity of the lake, as well as on its islands, there are many ruins of ancient settlements. The main city of the described region is Puno.

5. The floating islands of Uros

Peru Attractions: Top 20

One of the floating reed islands of the Uros tribe

We continue to describe interesting places in the Republic of Peru. As mentioned above, there are many islands on the territory of the alpine lake. So, the Uros tribes live on them, they moved there from the banks of Titicaca in order to protect themselves from the oppression of new rulers. For this, large rafts were built using reeds. To this day, the tribes live on floating islands, they are engaged in fishing, hunting for ducks, and collecting eggs. Even reed is used for food, namely its core. Guides in Peru tell the guests of the country about the way of life of the local people, some inhabitants of the islands even show their houses, reveal the secrets of farming.

Watch the beautiful places of Peru in this wonderful video!

6. Pisac Ancient City

Peru Attractions: Top 20

Ancient Inca terraces near the city of Pisac

It is located 33 km from Cusco, namely in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, near the Urubamba River. The settlement at one time served as an Inca fortress. In terms of historical significance, the described landmark of Peru ranks second; it is the legendary Inca citadel between the mountains. Looking at the remains of strong fortifications built at one time by the Incas, one can conclude that the ancient builders were of a high level of virtuosity. On the territory of the city of Pisac there is a fortress of the same name, it is built entirely of stones, and the path to it is an endless ribbon of steps.

7. City of Cusco

Top 20 things to do in Peru

Former capital of the Inca Empire – Cusco city

Once it was the capital of the ancient Inca empire, so it was decided to include this entire settlement in the UNESCO heritage list. All over the world, it is considered one of the oldest, as well as strange. From the reviews of the city of Cusco, you can find out that the spirit of American and European civilization is felt in it. One gets the feeling that you are walking through the settlement of the Incas, and through the capital of the Spanish colony. As for the main attractions in Cusco, they include several museums, almost all of which are dedicated to the history of the civilization of the ancient people. It is worth paying attention to the local colorful market, local clothes.

8. Tucume Pyramid Valley

Peru's top 20 attractions

Tucume Pyramid Valley – the ancient religious center of the Indian tribes

This landmark of Peru is a unique archaeological complex, which includes 26 pyramids, the height of which reaches 40 m. To get there, it is better to use air transport, the duration of the flight depends on the place of departure, it can be Lima or Trujillo. You can give preference to land transport, but then you have to spend about 3 or 10 hours, again, it all depends on the point of departure. The rating of this place among tourists is quite high, because many people want to see with their own eyes the structures built by the Lambayeque Indians back in 700 BC. The most striking pyramid in the valley is Huaca Larga, which attracts attention with its length, reaching 700 m. The territory also has a museum built in the style of the surrounding ancient structures.

9. Andean Candelabra

< img title="Peru's top 20 attractions" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-peru-top-20-35abfeb.jpg" alt="Peru's top 20 attractions" />< /p> Mysterious prehistoric geoglyph found on the Paracas Peninsula

Excursions in Peru are often organized in the direction of the Paracas National Reserve. It is believed that this place was one of the first to be inhabited by an intelligent civilization. And there are many amazing, to some extent even incomprehensible objects. One of these is the Andean Candelabra. It is a giant geoglyph on the slope of a huge sandy mountain. Looking at the photo on the Internet, it seems that some giant just painted it, and if the wind blows, the drawing will disappear. The geoglyph covers an area of ​​128 m in length and 100 m in width. The thickness of the lines is in the range of 0.5-4 m, and the depth is about 2 m. Agree, it’s hard to believe that such a landmark of Peru is a reality, but it really exists.

10. Inca Trail

Peru Attractions: Top 20

Tourists on the ancient Inca Trail

We are talking about an amazing walking route, which, as the name implies, was laid by the Incas. It leads to Machu Picchu, this is a real rocky path with its characteristic difficulties. Once this path was used exclusively for religious purposes. Don't know where to go in Peru? Try to climb the Inca trail, but only use the services of a professional guide, and also hire a porter, you will appreciate his usefulness at the end of a difficult climb.

11. Gokta Falls

Peru Attractions: Top 20

Double Cascade of Gokta Elemaki Waterfall

On the territory of the Republic of Peru there is a province called Chachapoyas, which means “people of the clouds.” Not so long ago, a German explorer discovered a two-cascade Gokta waterfall with a height of 771 m. The name comes from a neighboring settlement located in the eastern part of the country. What to see in Peru? The described stream of water rapidly falling from a height deserves attention, because the nature surrounding it is untouched by civilization, and the local flora and fauna delight with their diversity.

12. Manu National Park

Peru Top 20 Attractions

Corner of Manu National Park

The place of its formation is the confluence of two rivers, it is considered the world capital of flora and fauna. Manu National Park is a kind of gateway to the Tambopata reserve. Without exaggeration, we can say that this is a real ecological paradise. The described attraction of Peru attracts with an incredible variety of flora and wild fauna of the jungle. You can get there by plane, for example, from Lima, Cusco.

13. Chan Chan Ancient City

Top 20 sights in Peru

Holes in the clay roofs of the ancient city of Chan Chan

It was founded in the pre-Columbian era, and is located on the Pacific coast. At the time of 1300 AD. this settlement was one of the largest on the entire continent. The official description says that 28 km² was inhabited by about 100 thousand people. It can be seen that the Chimu Indians built the city for centuries, because its remains have survived to our times. When reviewing the sight, note that the buildings were made of stones and clay, and the plan is represented by a clear geometric scheme.

14. Huacachina Oasis

Peru's top 20 attractions

An oasis of Huacachina among the dunes of the Peruvian Sechura desert

Looking at his photo, it's hard not to agree that this is one of the most picturesque oases. There you will definitely spend an unforgettable vacation. The peculiarity of the oasis is its surroundings with sand dunes, it seems that you are in the heart of Africa. About 100 people live in a settlement built around a lake of natural origin. What to visit in Peru, namely on the territory of the Huacachina oasis? The main attraction there is snowboarding designed for sand.

15. Lima Cathedral

Top 20 attractions in Peru

Armory square in front of Lima Cathedral

The location of this attraction of Peru is the historical center of Lima, namely the Plaza Mayor. The construction of the temple lasted for three years from 1535. Its importance in colonial times was reflected on a grand scale. Unfortunately, earthquakes were not uncommon in the described area, the building was periodically repaired. The changes that were made reflected different eras of art. Recommendations from the Cathedral are very positive, it is worth seeing with your own eyes.

Sights of Peru: what else to visit in Peru?

A trip to a country in South America will definitely be interesting and unforgettable, the main thing is to organize everything correctly. Knowing where to go in Peru, what to see, you will definitely spend your vacation with maximum benefit, and most importantly, you will take with you a luggage of vivid impressions.

16. Saxahuaman Fortress

Peru's top 20 attractions

The ruins of the Saxahuaman fortress on the outskirts of Cusco

It is another mystical building from the time of the Incas, it is located on the very outskirts of Cusco. The fortress is surrounded by three protective walls, and in the central part there is a solar calendar. Among the ruins, a swimming pool, underground chambers, citadels, special barrels for supplies stand out and attract the interest of tourists. Nowadays, a festival dedicated to the celestial solar luminary is annually celebrated on the territory of the fortress.

17. Plaza de Armas (Cusco)

Peru Attractions: Top 20

The central square of Cusco – Plaza de -Armas

What else is there to visit in Peru? There are other interesting places, including the central square. She plays a very important role in the life of Cusco. Once upon a time there were swamps in its place, they were drained and the vacated territory began to be built up. Nowadays, all the main attractions are concentrated around the square, as well as places of entertainment, such as cafes, shops, restaurants. Attention should be paid to colonial buildings, as well as elements of Inca buildings. Important holidays for the republic are celebrated on the square, concerts and rallies are held. In a word, there really is something to see in Peru.

18. The historical center of Arequipa

Peru's top 20 attractions

Buildings made of white volcanic stone in the center of Arequipa karlnorling

This city is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful in the country. It was built up at the end of the 18th century. On the territory you can observe a large number of colorful buildings in the colonial style, they are built mainly of white volcanic stone. The old part of the city is represented by a large number of historical and architectural sights, the main ones are ancient churches and monasteries. Are you still wondering what to visit in Peru?

19. Maras Salt Mines

Sights of Peru: Top 20

Maras salt terraces – a complex of fields created for the extraction of salt

As a continuation of the topic of what to see in Peru, I would like to recommend travelers a small town located on the territory of the once powerful Inca civilization. Its main highlight is the salt mines, which offer incredible views from above. From them you will definitely have the most vivid impressions. At one time, the Incas designed entire systems of canals and wells. To this day, they feed on mineral-rich hot spring water. The result is salt.

20. Ballestas Islands

Peru's top 20 attractions

The inhabitants of the rocky islands of Ballestas

The archipelago is also known as the small Galapagos, and they have very few similarities. The rocks on the described island have a different color, it is reddish below and white above. On the islands you can observe a huge variety of feathered inhabitants, whether you are lucky or not, depends on the season. What to see in Peru on the island of Ballestas? Keep in mind, we are talking about the world's largest colony of sea lions that live on protected local beaches.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we should not forget about the need to book a room in advance. There are plenty of hotels in Peru, you can get acquainted with their characteristics on special information sites.

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