Astronomical sum: $93 million hung on tours of Russians to Egypt

Astronomical sum: $93 million hung on Russian tours to Egypt

Russian tourists have invested about 93 million dollars in Egypt in the form of purchased tours, so both tourists and tour operators are extremely interested in these tours to take place. This statement was made at a meeting with the Ambassador of Egypt in Moscow, Nazih Elnaggari, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova.

She will note that last year a million tourists came to Egypt from Russia, and this “brought Egypt some relief.” “Russian tour operators have collected 8 billion rubles ($93 million) from citizens for tours to Egypt, and this is a big problem for the industry. Tour operators need the support of Egypt so that tours to Egypt can be sold,” said the head of Rostourism.

The Egyptian Ambassador, in turn, said that Egypt is determined to maintain constructive contacts with Russia and develop tourism relations between the two countries. By the way, in addition to assessing the possibility of restarting direct flights from Russia to the resorts of Egypt (read about them at the link), the country of the Pyramids also assessed the possibility of using the Russian MIR payment system in the country.

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