Ashley Roberts showed bold PHOTOS from a holiday in Spain

The artist is 40 years old, but she is still a rebel girl at heart

Ashley Roberts showed bold PHOTOS from her holiday in Spain

< p>Ashley Roberts showed bold PHOTOS from a holiday in Spain

Former soloist Ashley Roberts posted candid photos from a vacation in Spain by the Pussycat Dolls.

Roberts is an American from the Midwest, but thanks to the work of the Pussycat Dolls, she became famous all over the world. She has a particularly high-profile fame in the UK, where she judges television talent competitions.

Years of successful tours, easy fame and carefree youth are left behind. Roberts is now 40 years old. She positions herself as a choreographer and TV presenter.

But she still has something from her former role as a rebel girl. For example, taste in clothes. The other day, journalists noticed Roberts in a revealing bikini on the beach of Spanish Marbella.

This resort in Andalusia in the very south of Spain is considered a favorite vacation spot for the underworld of Europe. Since the 1990s, many crime bosses from the countries of the former Soviet Union have also settled there. Iosif Kobzon also had his own housing in Marbella.

For continuation and photos, see Yandex.Zen

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