Antalya is covered with a muddy brown veil, behind which the sun disappears – a Russian woman spoke about the misfortune that came from Egypt

Antalya is covered with a cloudy brown veil, behind which the sun disappears - a Russian woman spoke about the misfortune that came from Egypt

A city popular with Russians in the main resort province of Turkey was covered with a brown veil so that the sun was not visible in the sky. “At least once a year, our region is “lucky” – a dusty desert wind comes to us through the Mediterranean Sea. In Israel, they call him “Khamsin,” a Russian woman said on the Yandex.Zen channel and told how life in Alanya (Antalya province) is changing with the advent of this scourge.

As the author explained, the wind from Egypt carries with warming and red sandy dust. Khamsin occurs at the forefront of cyclones moving from the deserts of North Africa, so it can be saturated with sand and dust that Turks and tourists suffer from.

The sight is mesmerizing and frightening. This is how the Russian woman described what she saw: “The horizon is covered with a muddy whitish-brown veil, behind which the sun disappears, visibility is reduced to the maximum, the sea turns gray, and a dusty taste is felt in the air. These days, the Ministry of Health advises to be less outdoors – especially for those people who suffer from allergies, asthma or have breathing difficulties. At the same time, in the panoramic photo, in which the Alanya Peninsula is visible on ordinary days, during the period when the wind carries muddy “rusty-colored” dust, nothing is visible except for the nearest houses.

However, it is not necessary to look at the storm. So, during periods of strong gusts of wind, being indoors, you can hear how sand, not hail, falling, knocks on the balcony railings, car roofs and covering material that protects the plantations of Turkish farmers from the weather.

“The next morning, usually everything is covered with a thin layer of fine reddish-yellow sand: balconies, cars, shop windows. And Alanya turns from a clean seaside town into some kind of dirty, like an industrial city,” the blogger added.

turns into a beautiful coastal city, where the sun shines and clouds float: “only cars remind you that a couple of days ago everything was covered in dust.”

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