Antalya in April: summer-like warm spring

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of Turkey, the popular resort of Antalya is located. This is not only a tourist destination, but also a major port, and also the administrative center of the province. The favorable southern location of the resort, as well as the dominance of the subtropical climate, led to the active development of tourism in this region. In summer, the population of the million-plus city doubles due to tourists.

The high season in Antalya begins in the spring, already in April crowds of tourists arrive here, yearning for warm sunny weather, the chirping of birds, the aroma of flowers and a riot of greenery over the winter. What awaits the guests of the resort in April and what surprises the second spring month is preparing for vacationers, Kidpassage will tell in this article.

 Antalya in April: summer-like warm spring

Vacation in Antalya in April: pros and cons

Many people prefer to come to Turkey at the beginning of the high season. Reviews of holidays in Antalya in April confirm that this period has many positive aspects. Here are just the main benefitsof the April break:

  • Weather. In the middle of spring in the south of Turkey, it is warm like in summer, the thermometer more and more often shows from +20 ° C and above. This is a great time for walking around the city and forays into the mountains.
  • Recovery. April — a great month for recovery at the resort. Local markets are overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables, the sun generously bestows warm rays rich in vitamin D, and ionized sea air strengthens the immune system. In addition, you can try thalassotherapy and stone massage.
  • Tourist infrastructure. In April, the entire tourist infrastructure is already fully operational. Tourists get into beautiful renovated hotels, renovated during the low season, and also receive high-class service from staff who have missed customers over the winter.
  • No crowds. Antalya is just beginning to actively receive tourists, so in the middle of spring the city is not yet crowded with vacationers, as it will be at the end of May.
  • Rest cost. Holiday prices are not the lowest in the year. On the contrary, it is in April that the cost of accommodation, meals, flights, tours begins to grow. However, prices have not yet reached their peak values, so tourists can relax on a budget.  

As for the minusesof spring holidays, Antalya in April disappoints visitors with the cold sea. The Mediterranean Sea is not yet warm enough for swimming. There are daredevils on the beaches, but they are a minority, most of the people do not find the temperature of +18 °C comfortable. And even more so, such water is not suitable for small children.

Weather in Antalya in April

Weather in Antalya in April — May attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the resort, and this is perhaps not the worst time to relax in the Mediterranean. The air temperature is perfect for long walks in the open air. In May, the sea warms up so much that even children can swim.

The weather in early April is warm and sunny. Cloudy days are occasionally issued, but bad weather with lead clouds and heavy rain — a huge rarity.

The temperature in Antalya in mid-April is great for sightseeing holidays. The heat has not yet reached its peak (this will happen only in July – August), so in April you can even walk around the city and its environs from morning until late at night. It is especially pleasant during this period to relax in local parks and squares.

The weather in Antalya at the end of April is similar to a typical Turkish summer with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures. The mercury column is increasingly showing temperatures above +20 °C. T-shirts occupy a priority place in the wardrobe, and hats become not only a fashion accessory and addition to the image, but a necessity and salvation from hot rays.

Air and water temperature

The subtropical Mediterranean climate of Antalya also has tropical characteristics, which ensures long hot summers with high levels of humidity. The heat comes to the resort already in the middle of spring and lasts until October. However, high temperatures are easily tolerated, since the local climate is not dry, although precipitation in summer is practically excluded.

Air temperature in Antalya in April

Day and night air temperature in Antalya in the middle spring is +21.3 °C and +13.3 °C, respectively. The closer to the end of the month, the hotter the resort. In April, tourists are advised to use sunscreen to avoid the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Sea temperature

The sea is almost no longer stormy, and vacationers are practically not bothered by the wind. In April, the Mediterranean Sea warms up to +18.3 °C on average. Water of this temperature can hardly be called comfortable for swimming, but the first bathers appear on local beaches.

There are not so many tourists ready to plunge into the sea — many more people are sunbathing and breathing the fresh sea air.


An umbrella in Antalya in April is unlikely to be useful to you, since for the entire month there are only two rainy days in the resort in total. The high season is considered the dry period here. The average April precipitation is 21.1 mm.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Don't forget your glasses, because in the middle of spring you will find a lot of warm bright sun. 24 days are sunny. Cloudy days account for 19%, and only 6% for cloudy weather.

Sightseeing holidays in Antalya

 Antalya in April: summer-like warm spring

April — this is an ideal month for a sightseeing holiday in Antalya. Since the sea is cold and beach relaxation automatically disappears, the guests of the resort have plenty of time to explore the city and its environs. Antalya has many historical and architectural sights. In addition, in early April, local natural locations become available for visiting. So, where do you start your acquaintance with Antalya?

The resort is divided into two parts — Old and New city. The greatest concentration of historical sights is collected, of course, in the old part of the city, which includes the beautiful Kaleichi district. The spirit of old Turkey hovers here. Those who came here for oriental flavor should look for it in Kaleichi.

In the Old City, tourists will see such interesting architectural structures as the Hydirlik Tower, Hadrian's Gate, Yivli Minaret and others. Each local attraction keeps an echo of the history of Turkey, each is amazing and worthy of attention in its own way.

At the end of April, when the resort becomes hot like in summer, it is pleasant to relax in nature and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. The first place to go is Karaalioglu Park. This is the main green recreation area of ​​Antalya. The park stretches along the rocky coastline, from Karaalioglu offers breathtaking views of the city and the sea. The park contains the Ataturk House-Museum, as well as many other sculptures, such as the Don Quixote Monument or the huge stone hand.

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In the middle of spring, a trip to the Duden waterfalls will be an excellent pastime. Duden — this is a whole group of waterfalls located about 12 km from the city, in a picturesque wooded area. Tourists can not only admire the flowing powerful streams of water, but also explore local caves, as well as organize a picnic nearby.

And the following locations are perfect for family pastime:

  • oceanarium< /li>
  • Mini City Miniature Park
  • Aktur Park

Holidays, events, festivals

Tourists will find official holidays in Antalya in April. So, on April 23, the whole country celebrates the Day of National Independence and Children of Turkey. One of the national features of the Turks is a strong love for children, so the holiday is of great importance for all the inhabitants of the country.

As a rule, on April 23, solemn events are held in educational institutions, concerts and competitions with the participation of children are organized in the city. Many families celebrate this holiday in entertainment centers, cafes, so some tourist places suitable for families can be overloaded.

Prices for vacations in April

Antalya in April : summery warm spring

Prices in Antalya in April begin to grow rapidly, because the high season is coming. Literally everything becomes more expensive — from staying in local hotels to fruit in the market. However, in the middle of spring, prices are just starting to rise, this is the last month after the low season, when you can still save a little on vacation.

Price of tours

In April, the cost of tours to Antalya increases by 19% compared to the March price. Despite the growth, package tours please with their cost. In May, the price tag grows by another 8%. Tour operators will increase the cost of their services until the velvet season, and only after September the prices of tours will decline.


Significant demand affects the pricing of airlines, so flights also become more expensive during this period. In April, passengers pay about 10-15% more than in March, but in May, the cost of tickets to Antalya almost doubles.


In April, all hotels and hostels that took a break during the low season open. The cost of rest increases by about 10-20% compared to March prices. Further, until August, accommodation prices will increase monthly.

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Food and transfer< /h3>

Many Turkish hotels operate on an all inclusive basis and really offer an excellent buffet. However, you can taste authentic oriental dishes only in local catering establishments or street food kiosks.

Kokorech or balyk ekmek with a cup of aromatic coffee from a hawker will cost about 20-30 liras. Lunch in an inexpensive restaurant, consisting of tarkhan chorbasy (a national dish of dried and ground vegetables, yeast and flour), manti, Turkish coffee and dessert (for example, trileche or baklava), will cost 85-120 lira. But a dinner with wine in a good restaurant will cost at least 300 lira.

Antalya — it is a large city with a population of one million, so the public transport system here is developed at a high level. Public transport is represented by trams, buses and dolmush. The fare depends on the chosen mode of transport and the distance of the route. In general, a one-way trip by public transport costs 8 lire. It is cheaper to buy a travel card.

There are also many official taxi services in the city. All cars are equipped with meters, so there is no need to be afraid of fraud. A trip within the city costs about 100–280 lira, the cost to nearby resorts is fixed.

How to dress in Antalya

When packing your suitcase, you need to focus on summer clothes, but not completely abandon warm clothes. During the day (and even sometimes in the evenings), the resort is quite comfortable in T-shirts and light dresses, but let your suitcase contain long-sleeved shirts, a windbreaker and a few warm sweaters just in case.

Take bathing suits &mdash ; although the Mediterranean is cold for swimming, resort guests are happy to sunbathe, swim in the pools or soak in the Turkish baths.

Give preference to practical shoes and clothes that do not hinder movement. In April, tourists walk a lot, so you should take care of comfort when choosing a wardrobe. It is also better to leave too revealing outfits at home. Antalya — a developed modern city focused on foreign tourists, so no one is fined for a deep neckline and miniskirts are not prohibited here, but it is quite possible to face the condemning views of radical Turks.

Recommendations for families with children

 Antalya in April: summer-like warm spring

April — a great month for a family holiday in Antalya, but only if you are not beach oriented. In addition to swimming in the sea, there are many interesting options for leisure activities. Even ordinary walks around the city will bring a lot of new emotions and impressions, and even a visit to the local aquarium, amusement park or water park will give a whole range of pleasant emotions.

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For more information about spring holidays in Turkey, see the KidPassage article “Turkey in April: the opening of the travel season”. Spring — this is a great time to get to know Antalya. We hope that our tips will help you prepare for your vacation and bring home only pleasant memories of the Turkish Riviera.

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