Another country stops issuing visas and residence permits for Russians

Another country stops issuing visas and residence permits for Russians

The Estonian authorities announced the approval of new sanctions in the field of tourism and migration: Russians and Belarusians were forbidden to issue visas and residence permits. In a statement released on Thursday, April 7 by the Estonian government, Minister of the Interior Kristian Jaani noted that “the sanctions are an additional step to avoid controversy when international and state sanctions restrict the economy and investment of Russia and Belarus, but grant visas to their citizens, the right to conduct business and work.”

“We must drastically limit the ability of the citizens of these two countries to come to Estonia and settle with us,” he stressed.

On the other hand, the officials did not cancel the existing residence permits and grounds for staying and working in Estonia. Those already legally residing in the Baltic country can also apply to extend or change their place of residence in Estonia in accordance with the law.

“Thus, on the basis of an already issued residence permit for work, a citizen of Russia or Belarus can apply for a second residence permit in order to work for another employer. If the conditions stipulated by law are not met or the person has violated Estonian law, he loses the right to stay in the country. For example, a residence permit is canceled if a foreigner incited national, racial, religious, political hatred, violence, or committed a criminal offense,” the statement said.

In addition, officials allowed to continue traveling in Estonia as part of a family migration or for humanitarian reasons.

Recall that a month ago, on March 10, the Estonian government announced the closure of visa centers for citizens of Russia and Belarus, sending those wishing to obtain an Estonian visa to the Estonian foreign institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov and Minsk. As noted by the authorities of the Baltic country, this decision was made after technical problems with the payment of visa/service fees, including other restrictions related to the current situation in Russia and Belarus.

Since the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, many European countries have imposed massive sanctions and other bans on our country, including a ban on Russian airlines from entering their airspace, which now makes it difficult for Russian tourists to fly abroad to many destinations. Earlier, Estonia expelled 14 consular officers of the Russian Federation, closed the Russian consulate in Narva and the consular department in Tartu.

Earlier, they started talking about the termination of the primary tourist residence permit in the resorts of Turkey – a popular destination among Russians – read the details here.


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