Anguilla becomes another country in the Caribbean to make it easier for tourists to enter

Anguilla will be another country in the Caribbean that makes it easier for tourists to enter

According to the Tourist Board, from April 1, vaccinated tourists aged 18 and over will no longer need to obtain an entry permit through a special online portal. In addition, travelers who were vaccinated within six months prior to travel or received a booster dose will no longer be required to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival.

However, all arrivals in Anguilla will still be required to present a fresh negative PCR test for COVID-19 or a rapid antigen test at the border. 

Anguilla currently requires all adult visitors to be vaccinated. From April 1, minors who do not have a vaccination certificate will be able to visit the country only if accompanied by fully vaccinated adults, such as parents. 

Unvaccinated travelers, as well as anyone who has been vaccinated more than six months before the trip, will be tested upon arrival at their own expense. The cost of “pleasure” — $50.

This British-owned Caribbean island is known for its stunning private villas, beach resorts and first-class tennis courts. There are 33 luxurious beaches located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. 

Currently, Anguilla is registering an average of five new cases of COVID-19 per day. Compare this to January, when 100 people fell ill on the island every day.

Earlier this month, Aruba lifted all travel restrictions related to COVID-19, as did Curaçao, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico earlier this month.

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