And don't get your hopes up: 5 expectations Thailand doesn't live up to

Don't get your hopes up: 5 expectations Thailand doesn't live up to

Thailand is far from being as cheap and safe as it might seem at first glance. Here it is easy to earn food poisoning, meet a jellyfish or unpleasant-looking insects, face petty theft and arbitrariness of law enforcement officers. And in general, the Land of a Thousand Smiles is not at all going to justify all your expectations to the last. But what you should not expect from Thailand for sure.

1. All beaches are like in the pictures

Travel agencies, as expected, place only the best photos in advertising booklets, including the cleanest and most deserted beaches, and those taken early in the morning immediately after cleaning. The overcrowded Central Beach of Pattaya, the littered beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui, which can hardly withstand the influx of tourists, usually do not get into advertising. In addition, it is not always clear from the booklets that the strips of sand on Thai beaches are often very narrow – only one row of sunbeds is enough for them. The bottom is sometimes muddy, and the water is muddy and full of both natural and man-made debris.

2. Divine massage

Many believe that a Thai massage done in Thailand itself is guaranteed to be something out of this world. After all, here is his homeland – which means that every local resident should be able to make it in such a way that the tourist will lose his head with delight. In reality, even in salons where a lot of money is charged for the service, a very bad massage therapist may well get caught.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Don't get your hopes up: 5 things Thailand doesn't live up to

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3. Smiling means they will not be deceived

Thais with their sunny smiles give the impression of a very sincere nation. It seems that it is absolutely impossible to expect deception or fraud from them! However, even among these smiling people come across dishonest, not keeping promises and thieving characters. Vacationers have written more than once that they lost money or valuables in Thai hotels, administrators demanded too much for a change of number, and souvenir merchants either palmed off frank nonsense, or almost began to shower curses when they realized that they would not buy their goods in the end .

4. Natural purity reigns here

Looking at photographs of the Thai islands that look like paradise, it is easy to believe that purity and harmony reign everywhere, and the air is filled with the aroma of fresh fruits and flowers. Of course, if you are in the territory of a luxurious five-star hotel, most likely it will be something like this. In general, non-tourist Thailand cannot be called clean. Canals and lanes are full of garbage, waste is poured into them: ordinary Thais do not care about the environment at all; not like the inhabitants of, for example, New Zealand. Instead of the scent of orchids, the air most often carries the vibes of sewers or rotting food waste. Therefore, when booking rooms in the city, you should pay attention to what is in the neighborhood. Markets and reservoirs are not the best neighbors.

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5. After the pandemic, the service has become better

For two years, the Thais disciplined all covid protocols, but this does not apply to the tourist service in the country. In many hotels where he was already good, everything remained unchanged. And in some places the service has even deteriorated, about which more than one complaint has been written on thematic forums. In addition, many hotels have not been engaged in updating the number of rooms during this time due to falling incomes. So, going to long-loved Thailand or discovering the Land of a Thousand Smiles for the first time, carefully read the latest reviews about hotels and restaurants.

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