An informal event of the TBG Network “Import Substitution” took place in Moscow

On March 24, 2022, the TBG Network Management Company held an informal meeting for its agents, network dealers called “Import Substitution”, which was organized in the networking format and took place in two branches in the Prospect Anticafe.

< p> The main purpose of the meeting, which was attended by more than 30 heads of TBG agencies, was to get acquainted with the updated composition of the management company, to discuss current and new network plans. The event was opened by the founder of the TBG network Ekaterina Mitrofanova.

The TRN editors met in person and are pleased to present the updated staff of the management company Set TBG LLC:

  • Elena Ionova — General Director ;
  • Tatyana Kristya — Head of Agency Relations Department of the management company Set TBG LLC
  • Dmitry Rukosuev — Commercial Director, First Deputy General Director. Also, Dmitry acted as a moderator of the event.

An informal event of the TBG Network

The program of the meeting included scheduled speeches by network partners on topical topics:

Svetlana Panova, Development Director of JSC ERV Travel Insurance, spoke about how new changes in insurance rules will help attract tourists to travel insurance in Russia .

An informal event of the Import Substitution Network took place in Moscow

Vadim Pogorelov, chief lawyer of Baiborodin & Partners Lawyers for Tourist Business, and Oleksandr Teplyakov, Vice President, Executive Director of PravTourSoyuz NGO, made a presentation “Problems of travel agents arising from the conflict with Ukraine: stranded tourists, cancellations, rate growth currencies, rebooking and legal conflict resolution.”

An informal event of the TBG Network

– Mardasou Chachkhalia, General Director of AQUA-Abaza, presented Abkhazia as part of “import substitution”.

An informal event of the TBG Network

– Dmitry Salikhov, CEO of i'way, spoke about the company's product and new products.

An informal event of the TBG Network

– Anna Lutkova, representative of the host company My Iliadis Concierge on the island of Mykonos, Greece

spoke about the upcoming season, plans for a direct flight from Moscow to about. Mykonos and promotional tour in May.

– Kirill Volkov, Project Development Director of Travel Russian News announced “Travel Tech RoadShow” and upcoming joint events with the TBG Network in the regions of Yekatirinburg and Tyumen.

At the end of the presentation, gifts were drawn from partners, winners steel:

  • Tatyana Narbikova, IP Narbikova T.A. – gift set from ERV Travel Insurance JSC
  • Anna Manakova, AP BLITZ TOUR LLC – gift set from ERV Travel Insurance JSC
  • Elena Tomaeva, TK TRAVEL TIMES LLC – gift set from ERV Travel Insurance JSC
  • Irina Konfetova, KON-TOUR LLC – All Inclusive for TA 2022 set from Lawyers for Tourist Business Bayborodin & Partners
  • Marina Gorbenko, VYMPEL Co shopping mall – dinner for two at the Greek restaurant ILIADIS, from the host company on the island of Mykonos, Greece.
  • Zhanna Potemkina, IP Potemkina J.V. – Radisson flotilla certificate from Travel Tech RoadShow.

An informal event of the TBG Network

Once again we congratulate all those who became the owners of wonderful gifts. We thank the agents and partners for their active participation in our informal event, which was held on a positive wave! See you again!

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