An exciting weekend in Ghent – The Travel Hack

An exciting weekend in Ghent - Travel Hacks

An exciting weekend in Ghent - Travel Hacks

As you may already know, I have started working full-time as TBU’s Social Media Manager and I am leaving Ghent on Friday to represent TBU and have had a very exciting weekend. I’ll also be writing about my travels on TBU, my own blog, and World Travel Market.

Here’s what I’ll be up to:

This will be my first time taking the Eurostar to Brussels, and from there I will take a train to Ghent in the beautiful Flemish region of Belgium.


I’m going to “TRACK,” an outdoor exhibition that brings art works outdoors. Ride your bike into town and see sculptures and paintings by 41 international artists. Artworks are installed all over the city, with some standing proudly at the center of Ghent’s attention, while others are tucked away in lesser-known areas and require a little digging. It’s not just about discovering art, it’s about discovering the city. It feels like an art-inspired treasure hunt and I can’t wait.

Update: You can read about my experience with TRACK here: Discovering the true meaning of art in Ghent

Dinner with the locals

The first night will be spent at the home of a local couple who run Comme Chez Moi. They invite tourists into their homes and offer them the chance to meet locals, try delicious local food and experience Belgium in a unique way.

I also did this at the Swedish Supper Club while in Sweden and it was a great experience. I don’t think you can really know a place until you get to know the locals. What better way to do that than to be in their home.

Update: We had a great time visiting Josephine and Karl’s home. Here’s how I fared. Comme Chez Moi: Feel at home with the Belgians

A hotel with a difference

An exciting weekend in Ghent - Travel Hacks

Taz Ruth Hotel Ghent

Your first night will be spent at the Taz Luz Hotel, a hotel room built around a giant clock. This has to be the most unique hotel I have ever stayed at. I don’t know how to deal with the chimes going off every hour on the hour, but I’m sure it’s worth it.

Update: Staying at this hotel was the most amazing and unique hotel experience I’ve ever had. I don’t think there’s anything better than this: a clock tower hotel stay in Ghent

A Jazz festival

I’m going to Ghent during the Ghent Jazz Festival and I’m going to meet musicians like Sonny Rollins, Bach Bach and Agnes Obel. To be honest, I’ve never heard of these guys, but who doesn’t love a little jazz?


Ghent has a huge techno scene and it would be rude to go there without experiencing one of the best techno clubs in the world. I’m more than a little tempted to reminisce about my boyfriend’s teenage years, find some psyllium, and get ready to rave.

And there’s more…

We’ll be climbing the bell tower with a carillon player, shopping at the St. Jacob’s Flea Market, and visiting the modern art museum SMAK.

Wow, I can’t believe we got so much done in one weekend. If you know of other great things to do in Ghent, please let me know. Once you’re done with all this activity, you’ll definitely be looking for a good coffee shop or bar.

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